Fall for Fall

Maggie Mumar, Staff Writer

It’s already fall season! It’s crazy how fast we’re transitioning to our summer, glory wardrobe into our fall, comfy wardrobe.  Since we’ve settled in the new school year and the first six week grading period has passed, I think most of us are getting lazy in dressing up! But I also think that many people really like this season since our favorite sweaters, cardigan, scarves… Continue reading

Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall

Paulette Mumar, Staff Writter

Time to hide your high-waisted shorts, floral dresses, and your see-through, bright, and lively colored tops. Now it is time for your comfy jackets, warm scarves, and lovely cardigans to shine! This time of the year, as I like to call it the”bipolar season,” can be really tricky regarding your outfits. It is not exactly cold enough to wear our winter clothes, but not hot… Continue reading

DE-Evolution of Miley Cyrus

By Folasade Bamimore, Staff Writer

Destiny Hope, Smiley Miley, Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus: different names for the same person right? Well not exactly, because there have been some major identity changes with each name, coming a new persona, a new side of her. Some call what she has become today, growth, but is it really? But it’s not  necessary to grow in the direction that… Continue reading

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Byrd

By Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer


For the month of October, El Segundo High chose Ms. Byrd as Teacher of the Month. Ms. Byrd teaches Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology. Born in San Angelo, Texas, Ms. Byrd was able to have an interview with The Bay Eagle.


Q:  How do you feel on being chosen for Teacher of the Month?

I am… Continue reading

El Segundo Clinches League Title With Win Over Centennial

By Eric Chernick, Staff Writer

El Segundo’s Football Team stays undefeated in league play after an impressive win over Centennial High School.  El Segundo got off to a great start taking a quick 14-0 lead after Lars Nootbar scored a 5-yard rushing touchdown and then connected with Jamie Steward on a 60-yard touchdown pass.   However, Centennial fired back with a long touchdown pass of their own, then forced a… Continue reading