What is the PSAT? What’s it for if it doesn’t count for admissions?

PSAT: What’s it for if it doesn’t count for admissions?

What is the PSAT?

The Preliminary SAT that tests, math (very minimally up to Algebra 2), critical reading, vocabulary, and grammar. The test is 2 hours and 10 minutes long.

Why is the PSAT important?

The PSAT is a way of gaging how you will do on the SAT. It is mere practice and… Continue reading

K-Pop Korner Edition #1

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of the Bay Eagle’s new segment K-Pop Korner! Here we will be informing you of what is new in the K-pop world, reviewing K-pop songs and albums, and maybe have occasional fan girling over K-pop guys here and there.

First of all, if you don’t know what k-pop is, it is Korean pop music. K-pop doesn’t necessarily encompass just the pop genre… Continue reading

DIY: Bleached Out Tees

by Salma Sudarmadji, Staff Writer

    Finally, winter has arrived, but your wardrobe needs a little pick-me-up. Or maybe you need to keep your hands busy with something fun to do on cold, windy days. Even if these reasons don’t apply to you, the Bleached Out Tee DIY is for anyone to enjoy. The results will amaze you!


This DIY is quick and simple, and you will only… Continue reading