Grammy Awards 2014

The 56th Grammy Awards had musicians for every taste, from Beyonce to Lorde to Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar to the reunification of the Beatles. Beyonce opened the show with a very feminine performance and she performed with her husband Jay-Z which is a performance that cannot be matched. Lorde was….Lorde. She had an amazing and unique voice as usual but her stage presence was… Interesting. Katy Perry… Continue reading

K△ty Perry: PRISM

Katy Perry released her newest album “Prism” in October 2013. The album is like dance pop music. It is definitely a brighter sound and less edgy and more dance pop than Katy Perry’s normal sound. The singles on the album are “Roar,” “Unconditionally” and “Dark Horse”.

“Roar” is an upbeat song about finding your inner voice. In her music video, she conveys this by being a hopeless… Continue reading

Senior Spotlight: Connor Underwood

by Carlene Tausinga, Staff Writer

“Football isn’t Life. But the game plans are the same.” – Rich Kaveinga

All year round, senior spotlight, Connor Underwood, has juggled between AP courses and being an athlete. With an injury that required shoulder surgery, Connor wasn’t able to play football last year. As a fresh start, Underwood was able to come back ready to help spark miracles. Connor has ended his… Continue reading

Bloggers on the Block

by Maggie Mumar, Staff Writer

Bloggers je t’aime ! If you’re a fashionista you must have a favorite fashion blogger you follow. We all have different opinions and different styles, so we all have different bloggers we follow. In this little article, I’m going to tell you what I look for for a FASHION BLOGGER. Enjoy!

Fashion bloggers are the main source of fashion trends worldwide. As you… Continue reading

What to Do with Your PSAT Results

  You’ve taken the PSAT, waited for the results, and now you’ve finally received your score. Hopefully you’ve actually looked at your results. First, look at your score. Don’t be scared, you probably did more than okay. Well, now what do you do?

    Now, you need to analyze your score. Determine what your weaknesses were and what your strengths were. Take the area of your weakness into consideration… Continue reading