Monetary Madness

Monetary Madness
by Kim Keener

As most everyone at ESHS knows, El Segundo and most public schools are experiencing severe budget cuts. Furthermore, as these budget cuts continue, they invade the student body like locusts, affecting multiple aspects of academic life. This crisis has caused the school board to decrease its budget by several million dollars. The ways which budget cuts have affected students the most include the reduction… Continue reading


Throughout the months of July and August, it was a common sight to see many El Segundo High School students running on the high school track field, across the streets of the city itself, and even near the sandy dunes of the beach. These students are part of El Segundo High School’s Cross Country Team, readying itself for the new season and all the races that come with it… Continue reading

Girls Volleyball

Prepare yourselves for El Segundo High School’s monster serve as the Lady Eagles take to the volleyball courts. The 2009 season for the Volleyball team is almost half way complete, and the team’s performance has been nothing but outstanding.

The first game of the season was a home match that pitted El Segundo against Palos Verdes on the 10th of September. In a stunning performance spanning four games, the… Continue reading

Mr. Ito

As students embark on a new year at El Segundo High School, let us all welcome the incoming freshmen and new faculty members. This semester the student body at large welcomes several new teachers, including Mr. Ito as the Political Behavior instructor. In the short amount of time that students have had Mr. Ito, he has demonstrated a friendly educational environment.

Mr. Ito spent a semester at the University… Continue reading