Manos: The Hands of Fate

I know what the readers are thinking; Why the heck am I reviewing this old movie instead of anything recent such as 9 or Jennifer’s Body or any of the other movies out? Well, there’s an old saying, “One can only learn from others’ mistakes, not their successes.” Surprisingly, that’s mostly true. Let’s say a neophyte just learning the ropes was riding a bike and crashes. At that point the… Continue reading

Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright by Emma Smith

Every school year begins with similarly: friends reunite, classes hit the ground running, and faculty and students alike try to settle into a predetermined rhythm. Familiar faces mingle amongst those that are unknown, both freshmen and new inductees to the teaching staff begin to acclimate themselves to life at ESHS. One member of the latter group is Mr. David Wright, the new Physics and… Continue reading

City Council Filming Update

City Council Filming Update

by Cora Chong

In the midst of California’s devastating budget crisis, nearly all schools statewide have been cutting back on spending, penny-pinching their way into the 2009-2010 school year. El Segundo has seen its fair share of budget cuts, as the last year was characterized by regretfully putting many programs and new teachers on the “cutting board”. Fortunately, many teachers and programs have been… Continue reading

[2009] Dirty Drums and Sub-Sonic Basslines

Dirty Drums and Sub-Sonic Basslines

By Jack Li

A new sound is slowly but surely taking over parties, clubs, and raves in Southern California. This bold new experimental music is called dubstep. Born in the U.K. around 2001, it may be considered the “Frankenstein” of EDM (electronic dance music), with its closest relative being 2-step garage. The new musical genre is influenced by a variety of sources, including… Continue reading

Alicia Maples

Alicia Maples

by Emma Smith

Second period on a typical school day involves glaring fluorescent lights, stiff desks, flurries of notebook paper and a familiar voice on the PA system. The cheerful explanation of upcoming events from Key Club meetings to cafeteria options echoes in classrooms throughout the campus. This information is read to the general student population by the ASB President, Alicia Maples. Alicia is a senior… Continue reading

Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

by Meagan McCall

Sometimes you become interested in a person, whether you find the person physically attractive or you’ve spoken a couple of times and simply want to learn more. So how do you start up a conversation? How do you do what many teenage boys and teenage girls fear doing- simply asking someone out on a date? Whether the date is formal or casual, it is described on… Continue reading

Survey September 2009

by Anna Gutierrez
Questions for Boys:
When you look at girls at school, what is the first thing you notice?
eyes: :3
body: 3
face: 4

Do you prefer girls with provocative clothing?


What is the most attractive attitude a girl can have?


Do you prefer girls who are intelligent? If not