Colossus and the Amazon Queen Movie Review

Colossus and the Amazon Queen by Shakeel
Italy has always been a large contributor to the B-Movie community. Some of the worst films and cheesiest lines of all time have come from several Italian directors. One such example of this kind of film is Colossus and the Amazon Queen. The cover looks interesting enough: a man getting DDT’d by another armored figure right into a casual bystander. Sure, it looks… Continue reading

The Latest Clubs

It’s the second month of the new school year, and many students are starting and joining new clubs. Muslim Student Association and Jewish Students’ Coalition are aimed at not only uniting students from their respective religions, but also are formed to educate others about prejudices, the religion, and overcome stereotypes. Overall, all of these new clubs are excellent opportunities to learn about cultures, religion, and art you barely know about… Continue reading

AP Class Survival Guide

To the aspiring scholar, AP classes are an essential part of the curriculum. With each passing year, colleges are placing more and more emphasis on these courses, choosing students who take them over those who do not. For those not in the know (ie. freshmen), AP classes are advanced placement classes that are rigorous and on par with a college level class. Near the end of the year… Continue reading

Boy’s Water Polo

Boys Water Polo
With an exceptionally great start to the season, the Varsity Boys Water Polo team has been very successful so far. Beginning on Friday October 2 was the South Bay Tournament (also known as the Henry Stuart Tournament). It started that Friday afternoon at three, and ended Saturday the 3rd at around 10 PM. Several schools from all over the Southland came to participate in the tournament, totaling… Continue reading

Girl’s Tennis

Girl’s Tennis by Taylor kagy

The Girls Tennis team began league play on October 6th against South Torrance. For this first game the team suffered a loss of 8-10, but individual player, junior, Hazuki Onaga swept the court, winning all 3 sets of her match. On October 8, the team recovered with a tie of 9-9 but an overall score of 70to 67, which ultimately gave them the upper… Continue reading

The Eagle’s Nest

They are the engine that powers the machine, the uplifting wind that helps the Eagles soar. When the band sounds its horns, when the cheerleaders begin their routine, these individuals are always ready to join in, roaring with pride while rooting on the football team. These students are part of the one and only Eagle’s Nest.

So what exactly is the Eagle’s Nest? It is the section of the… Continue reading

Don’t Dial and Drive

In recent years, intoxicated drivers have caused numerous deaths, causing car accident related demises to skyrocket. Even more recently, distracted drivers have proved to be a hazard on the road. In an attempt by the California legislature to stop these deaths, Governor Arnold Swartzenegger signed a law in 2008 that requires all drivers over the age of eighteen to use hands free phone devices.  Drivers who are under eighteen cannot… Continue reading