Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg
One of the most under-appreciated and funniest stand-up comedians over the past ten years would definitely be Mitch Hedberg. Mitch’s style of comedy and delivery was always iconic because he was so laid back and casual. His jokes were witty and clever: “a burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef” or “Foosball is a combination of soccer and shish kabob.” Mitch has been known to preform on… Continue reading

Facebook Relationships

Facebook Relationships by Meagan McCall

Many high schoolers nationwide have become a part of the social networking sites including Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Although Myspace seems to becoming a fad of the past and Twitter is attempting to be the next new trend, Facebook appears to be the current craze for high school students. However, all of the entertaining and captivating components of Facebook can take a… Continue reading

Ukelele Invasion

Ukuleles…or Nuke-uleles???

The ukulele. It’s a pandemic taking over the school. Like rats spreading the black plague in Medieval Times, these “musicians” are corrupting the masses with their tropical island chords. The only known cure to the intoxicating sounds of these “chordophones” is heavy metal. Before realizing the true danger of ukuleles, one must understand the instrument’s nefarious history.
Eons ago, the first ukulele was forged in… Continue reading

Should We Use Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers?

Should We Use Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers?

Test (noun): 1.The means by which the presence, quality or genuineness of anything is determined.
So what is the purpose of a test anyway? Is it a three-page, forty question packet that gauges a student’s individual academic performance? But what does a test really prove? When a student receives a substandard grade does this mean they need to study harder? Do… Continue reading

Senior Spotlight: Max Reynolds

Senior Spotlight: Max Reynolds

“Because if there was a flood, we would survive.” Or so say the last year’s ESHS waterpolo t-shirts. One senior who knows quite a bit about such a legacy is senior Max Reynolds. He was involved in swimming during elementary school, and has been swimming with the Eagles since the last few months of his 8th grade year, when he practiced for his freshman year… Continue reading

Dress Code

Every year ESHS presents the Back to School assembly to welcome new and returning students. The assembly contains the slide show with our school policies, among these policies was an emphasis on the dress code. The student body should abide by the dress code in order to clothe themselves appropriately and not offend the general community. However, it seems that the so-called dress code is useless because it is not… Continue reading

School Policies

When the cancellation of the junior/senior war was announced at our first pep rally/assembly, blatant disapproval, groans, and instant mutters poured from the student audience. Some felt that it was a complete break of tradition, while others felt that the enforcement was an unjust gesture, feeling that their right to represent their class was stolen from them. On the contrary, some let out a sigh of relief knowing that their… Continue reading