Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The @ symbol has become an important part of e-mail culture. All countries throughout the world use the same symbol but it obviously has a different name in other tongues. In English it is the “at” sign or ampersat.

Here are a few of its other names:
Italy: ‘chiocciolina’ -meaning ‘little snail’
France: ‘petit escargot’ -also meaning “little snail”
Germany: ‘klammeraffe’ – meaning ‘spider monkey’
Finland: ‘miau’ -meaning “cat’s tail”
Norway: ‘kanel-bolle’… Continue reading

Academic Stress

Academic Stress:

It’s two a.m. and you’re still trying to crank out that research report due bright and early tomorrow, reading that book you have an in-class essay on, writing notes on five chapters of history, or finishing up that last bit of tedious busy work the Spanish teacher assigned. This is a scene the majority of the student population has experienced many times before. Students continuously come… Continue reading


Turn off Comedy Central, forget all those premeditated stand-up comedy shows with their hackneyed jokes and witness the incredible, lightspeed improv show of the El Segundo High School ComedySportz League® team!

For those who do not know what CSz is, it is energetic, fast-paced, competitive even. Teams clash in ebullient improvisation games. Each game has its own set of rules and guidelines, but the best feature of the game… Continue reading

Bikini Espresso

It’s a simple idea. People like coffee. Men like hot girls in bikinis. Have hot girls in bikinis serve hot coffee….freaking AWESOME!!! This is the genius business plan behind Bikini Espresso. The owners were inspired by a chain of drive-through coffee houses in Seattle where the employees work in bikinis. Oh, and inspired by the coffee too. I’m sure that played a big part. Anyways, they took the idea down… Continue reading

Drum Majors

Drum Majors by Emma Smith

The buzzer sounds, indicating the end of the first half of the football game. Streams of football players flow off the field and into the locker rooms; the crowd hums with relaxed chatter. But one group of people is not reveling in the laid-back moment. Waiting in the wings is the entire ESHS band, quietly preparing to perform their half-time show. Dressed in blue… Continue reading