Junior Chamber Music

by Mona Narumi, Staff Writer

On March 9, 2014, young musicians from Los Angeles, Orange County, and Conejo Valley played a repertoire of chamber music at the Colburn School, Thayer Hall. JCM ensembles are motivated to improve their musical talents p through their own peer. The ensembles have fun as they rehearse for coaching sessions, master classes, performances, and competitions. Representing El Segundo High School, Mona Narumi (Junior) played… Continue reading

Tree Musketeers’ Arbor Day

by Perrine Vaillant, Guest Author

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, more than three hundred volunteers gathered for Arbor Day to plant and care for trees on Grand Ave, the Los Angeles street that serves as an entrance to El Segundo. Officials such as El Segundo Mayor Bill Fisher or Los Angeles Chief Sustainability Officer Matt Petersen came to support Tree Musketeers’ major event, organized by a team of dedicated… Continue reading

Why are teacher relationships important?

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Lets face it, students don’t see their teachers as their friends. Its not that they are the enemy per say, but when somebody has the judgement of your future in their hands, its daunting. So when parents or counselors tell students to build a better relationship with their teachers, its a roadblock. The mentality is this: why should I build a relationship with… Continue reading


by Paulette Mumar, Staff Writer and Brenda Leon, Cartoonist

Finally, finals are over, hopefully all of you have crossed one of the hardest bridges to cross over this year. But are you still feeling stressed out? Maybe you need to stop your activity and slow down and just breathe slowly, take time to exhale and inhale. It is fine to take a break, overworking yourself might be beneficial to… Continue reading