Boy’s Water Polo

Boys Water Polo
With an exceptionally great start to the season, the Varsity Boys Water Polo team has been very successful so far. Beginning on Friday October 2 was the South Bay Tournament (also known as the Henry Stuart Tournament). It started that Friday afternoon at three, and ended Saturday the 3rd at around 10 PM. Several schools from all over the Southland came to participate in the tournament, totaling up to fourteen teams. Of those teams, El Segundo went up against many, including, Redondo Union High, Crescenta Valley, Santa Monica, South Pasadena, and Culver City. Playing well, the Eagles won third place in the tournament overall. As to how it went, junior Jackson Hogoboom commented, “We did a decent job, but could have improved.”

Following the Henry Stuart Tournament two days later was the Eagle’s first league game facing Beverly Hills. This was not the toughest competition for the boys, and they defeated them, ending the game 16-8. A practice game opposing Chadwick took place the next day, and the Varsity boys took a win. Taking this victory to their next league game facing Torrance, the team won again on Monday October 12. Their next league game was against Culver City and proved to be an easy win, the Eagles finishing the game 12-4. The Marietta Valley Tournament occurred October 15 through the 17. The Eagles stayed overnight, and after some well played games, came in an estimated 13th place out of 34 teams.

On October 19, the hardest game so far in league took place. Gathered in the stands at the Urho Saari Swim Stadium, El Segundo cheered on the Varsity Boys as they fought their way through a tough game opposing Santa Monica. The game was very close the entire time, with seniors Csaba Nagy, Beau Blacksten, and junior Hogoboom scoring the team’s nine goals. During the first quarter, El Segundo managed to stay up, but by the second and third, Santa Monica only remained one point down from the Eagles. During part of the game, Santa Monica scored again, and surpassed the Eagles by one point, putting the game on edge. Hogoboom comments, “The way our team held their composure even though we were down a point shows how much we have improved throughout the season.” By the fourth quarter, Santa Monica and El Segundo were neck in neck, Santa Monica only down one point, the score being 8-7. As the last minutes began ticking away, Santa Monica shot in another goal, bringing the score to a tie at 8-8. During the last 30 seconds Blacksten got in one last incredible shot, bringing the Eagles up by one, and winning the game. He added to the effect of the win, “I thought it was a great overall effort, and I feel good about the team. We are going to be a tough team to beat.”

In addition, Nagy adds to his overall experience in American water polo, “I really enjoy playing here, but I had to get used to the referees. In Europe, water polo is harder physically. Here there is much less body contact. The referees call fouls much more often.” Nagy thought the game against Santa Monica was difficult, but, “The team worked really well together and I want to thank the coaches.” The game was their hardest yet, but by persevering, they gave themselves a boost in league. With this victorious high, the Eagles went on to crush Beverly Hills on October 21, ending the game 14-9. It was not the greatest challenge for the Eagles and senior Max Reynolds concludes, “It was a good win for us, giving the team momentum for the rest of the season and hopefully leading to C.I.F.” Currently the Eagles are 5-0 in league and 18-6 overall. Support the boys at their next home game facing Torrance on Wednesday October 28!

Reynolds Rush

Max Reynolds rushes his opponents

Girl’s Tennis

Girl’s Tennis by Taylor kagy

The Girls Tennis team began league play on October 6th against South Torrance. For this first game the team suffered a loss of 8-10, but individual player, junior, Hazuki Onaga swept the court, winning all 3 sets of her match. On October 8, the team recovered with a tie of 9-9 but an overall score of 70to 67, which ultimately gave them the upper hand and their first win of league. For their third encounter on October 15 the Eagles had a close game against South Torrance, which they lost with a score of 8-10 and an overall score of 67-73. Again on October 20, the team suffered quite a loss against Torrance with a score of 6-11 and an overall score of 51-76. For their most recent game on October 22, the team lost another game to North Torrance with a score of 8-10.

The tennis team has quite a bit of catching up to do this season with one win and 4 losses. Varsity captin, Julia Rappaport commented on this season by saying “This season has been fun, but isn’t what we’d hoped it would have been”. The team overall seems to be quite young, but strong this year and there is no doubt that they will be able to recover from these first few faulty first games. “Our team has been working hard to imporve and we will continue to keep working hard” said freshman Justine Lin when asked her thoughts on the teams progress this season.There are still quite a few games left, including the game played yesterday against Torrance. The next event is a home match at Rec Park Torrance on October 29. Go out and support the ESHS girls tennis team and cheer them on to another win for this season.





Throughout the months of July and August, it was a common sight to see many El Segundo High School students running on the high school track field, across the streets of the city itself, and even near the sandy dunes of the beach. These students are part of El Segundo High School’s Cross Country Team, readying itself for the new season and all the races that come with it.

With already two months of unofficial training by September, the team is definitely prepare for the many obstacle it will encounter in the upcoming races. However, even more promising is the size of the new team; the Cross Country team has tripled in number, from eighteen runners last year to fifty-four at the present. In addition, most of the team are freshmen students who are quite skilled, guaranteeing that the future of the team will not be in peril.

September 12, 2009 marked the debut of the cross-country season as it headed out to its season opener, the Fastback Shootout, on the two-mile section of the Mt. San Antonio College race course. Through the steep slopes and twisting paths, the Eagles triumphed in many races. Among theses victors were the two top finishers: Freshman Megan Freiburger, who placed third in the eleventh race, completing the arduous course in 12:36, and Junior Austin Van Biezen, who finished in 36th in 11:57. Along with Freiburger and Van Biezen, the freshman girls prevailed with three top-ten finishes coupled with five medals, placing them in second position. The boys team also did not falter, bringing home two additional medals for El Segundo. At the Fastback Shootout, where 1777 competitors met and raced through the epic Mt. San Antonio College path, the Eagles have showed their prowess as a truly formidable team.

After the Fastback Shootout, the Eagles continued onwards to one of the largest meets of the nation: The Woodbridge Invitational in Irvine. Each race had over 200 runners, yet the daunting competition did not sway El Segundo. Indeed, ESHS ran race after race from 6:00 PM, all the way into the night up to 10:00PM. All fourteen varsity runners achieve personal records. Once again, Van Biezen and Freiburger attained the top times, 18:13 and 18:42, respectively. The performances at The Woodbridge Invitational has demonstrated the determination that all of ESHS’s runners possess in their hearts, the determination not only to win, but also to improve at each and every single race!

The most recent meet that the team has attended was the first Pioneer League meet in Torrance. Only the Frosh and JV teams participated in the competition, and yet their performances has shown everyone the potential of El Segundo High School’s future cross-country runners. As senior Zac Garland explains, “We have some great freshman on our team who can only get better.” Difficult opponents may have put El Segundo in a less favorable position at the present, but in the future, there will surely be a revolution, as the Eagles arrive with an even higher level of power and overcome their adversaries.

Returning junior Garett Lopez-Dominetta accurately predicts that, “We will do awesome this season and may have a few CIF hopefuls in our midst.” The next cross country meet, The South Bay Cup, will occur on the September 30th in Torrance. With a bright future ahead, good luck runners and race on to victory!

AustinRunners!Girls Team

Girls Volleyball

Prepare yourselves for El Segundo High School’s monster serve as the Lady Eagles take to the volleyball courts. The 2009 season for the Volleyball team is almost half way complete, and the team’s performance has been nothing but outstanding.

The first game of the season was a home match that pitted El Segundo against Palos Verdes on the 10th of September. In a stunning performance spanning four games, the Lady Eagles defeated PV with a final score of 3-1. The aggressive adversary did not daunt the team in their goal to triumph. As a team, junior Jessy Hoeschler proudly described, “We have an incredible amount of chemistry and our energy was consistent. We just focused and played our game. I think we all played really selflessly and did it for our teammates and the outcome was incredible!”

This fantastic victory was only slightly dampened in the subsequent match, which was held at Peninsula High, where El Segundo was met with a difficult adversary. Unfortunately, the Lady Eagles were beaten by the opposing team in a final score of 0-3. Nevertheless, El Segundo did not falter with this loss, and returned in the next games with the overwhelming will power to prevail.

El Segundo’s third volleyball battle was held at home against an old foe in the form of Chadwick. After a fierce battle of the ages consisting of five games, each more competitive than the last, the Lady Eagles rose from the ashes and ruins, triumphant after the tiebreaker, ending the game with a score of 3-2.

The volleyball team continued its victory surge by conquering Santa Monica. In each of the three games that were played, the Lady Eagles emerged as the champions, overcoming Santa Monica in a final score of 3-0. Throughout the match, El Segundo had over fourteen blocks, and during the second game, junior Shawna Lum served twelve consecutive points to bring the team to an early lead (12-0), and ended the game with fourteen points for El Segundo.

The Lady Eagle’s latest victory was last Thursday against Mary Star of the Sea High School, where the team defeated their opponents in an ultimate score of 3-2. This recent win was owing to not only the volleyball’s dynamic, steadfast will power, but also to each and every time that the players have practiced intensely. When asked how the practices are, Hoeschler explains that, “Our practices are game-like and involve pressure situations so when we play big schools like Chadwick we can relax and focus. We also talk about team goals at every practice so we’re all on the same page and we can accomplish these goals in our games”

After this auspicious start to the season, the Lady Eagles are now in the position to achieve even greater goals and overcome their opposition in the future.