Track May 2010

As the April showers began the peter out, the El Segundo takes off in a final spurt toward the finish line. April and the start of May have marked momentous achievements for many star players of the team, as well as many new individual accomplishments by each member of the team.

The first two meets at the Arcadia Invitational and the Mt. SAC Relays resulted in a very temporary slight for the team. Senior Allison Reaser, however, once again placed first in the womens 100m hurdles; this momentum carried over to the dual meet against North Torrance on April 20. Senior Michael Procopio achieved second place in the 100 meter, finishing the dash in 11.5 s, while junior Trevor Thompkins outran all competition in the 200 meter, attaining first in a mere 23.2 s. Other notable members include junior Ahmed Mahmood, who soared to first place in not only the 300m hurdles, but also the high jump as well as the triple jump. The girls team also achieved high marks in their races, including freshmen Allana Rivera and Carolina Hough, who placed first in the 100 meter and 200 meter, respectively. Two top runners, freshman Anna Farello and Megan Freiburger finished in first and third, respectively in both the 800 meter and 1600 meter races. Many of the team members were not only able to perform excellently in these initial races, but also able to carry on this intensity to the championships and league finals.

The weekend of April 23 and 24 marked the South Bay Championships. El Segundo was prepared for the challenges they would have to face. Both Reaser and Senior Emilija Stojanovic continued their onslaught, with Reaser finishing first in both the 100m and 300m hurdles, and Stojanonvic jumping to third in the long jump. A brief respite ensued in the competition during April 29th’s double dual meet against South Torrance and Centennial. Along with the consistently excellent performance of these athletes, many others powered forward in the throwing competitions. Seniors Matt Larsen and Armando Clemente performed exceptionally in the 12 lb. Shot Put and the 1.6 kg Discus, with Larsen finishing second and Clemente finishing third, respectively.

The start of May began the Pioneer League Prelims and Finals. Many familiars executed their techniques to perfection, including Reaser, Thompkins, Mahmood, and Farello. According to Procopio, “I think we did really well in league finals. A lot of kids made new personal records. We’ve had a great coaching and many of the remaining team members are looking forward to next season.”

With the CIF meet on May 15th, this season’s El Segundo Track team has shown the world what it is capable of, and its ever-increasing potential for years to come.


Softball- Hedayat

The Girl’s Varsity Softball team this year has been doing a good job of keeping up their great work and playing through some tough games. The ladies currently stand 13-9 in the season so far. Going back to April 30, the Eagles soundly beat Centennial 11-0. However, the next three games proved to not be so lucky for the ladies and they experienced three consecutive losses against North Torrance, San Pedro, and Torrance. Yet they were able to make a comeback against Lawndale on May 7 ending the game 9-1. On May 11 the Eagles unfortunately experienced yet another loss facing North Torrance, ending the game 0-2. The game against South Torrance did not prove to be much better and the Lady Eagles had another loss, 0-4 on May 13. However, junior and captain Erin Burner said, “Christine [Kennedy] pitched a good game and we had out opportunities, but we did not capitalize on them.” These past two games have been rough on the team, but they are continuing to persevere even through the most daunting of opponents. On May 14, the team pulled off a spectacular finish against Peninsula, defeating the opponent with a final score of 18-8; the game ended after only sixth innings for El Segundo had so severely defeated its opponents. With these games in their pockets, the members of the team are hoping for an at-large bid for C.I.F.

Boys Baseball

Boys baseball

The Varsity Boys Baseball team is the undefeated Pioneer League Champions. The team clenched their crown as champions on Wednesday, May 12th against South Torrance, beating them 12 to 1. Then the next night, Thursday, May 13th, the Eagles played their final game of the season against South again, beating them this time 8 to 0. Dang.
This has been an overall dominating season for Varsity baseball. The Eagles finished the season with an 11 game winning streak. Overall 21 games were won and 9 were lost. In Pioneer league, varsity baseball won all 10 games. This has been an amazing year overall for Michael Ray, Brice Savage, Jimmy Quinones, Justin McCullough, Mike Bundy, Eric Batty, and Nigel Nootbaur. During one of the earlier games this season, Mike “Gunslinger” Bundy showed off his ambidexterity when he pitched righty and lefty. On the May 12th game, Nigel threw a four hitter (struck out all but 4 hitters) AND hit a homerun. Grant Palmer is has an outstanding .520 batting average.


Tennis by Lena Hedayat

Varsity Tennis currently stands 1-1 in league and have been working hard to keep up their good work. Back to Saturday March 20 the Eagles had the Wilson Tournament and came in 7th place out of eight teams. The Eagles sent the ball over the net to no avail. The team is young and are putting forth great energy to keep up with the more experienced teams. Though the Boys were not as successful, they made a comeback on Wednesday March 24 against Bishop Montgomery winning 11-7. The North Torrance match and first league match on March 30 was another victory ending 12-6. Sophomore Taylor Stern did very well with wins in all three of his matches [(6-4), (8-6), (6-1)]. He was down in the tiebreak 2-6 in the second match and came back with 8-6 during the tiebreaker. The other coach called him a jerk, but he was still able to pull off a win despite the controversy. His brother Andrew Stern also plays on varsity with him. Although the second league match facing South Torrance was a loss 1-17, the Eagles have not let this get them down. Junior and Captain Chace Chatterton keeps up the momentum with, “You only live once, but you get to serve twice.” Come support the Eagles at their next home game on April 27 against North Torrance. Keep up the good work!

Track 2010

Track by Jeff Liu

Sunny skies and windy days mark the auspicious start of another swift season for the El Segundo High School Track And Field. 2010 has brought new beginnings for everything, and the track team is no exception. Many veteran runners have returned to resume their long desire to run on the gritty path, and many new runners have also joined, promising a fleet future for the team. Under the training of Coach Sersun, Coach Miller, and Coach Smith, the track team sets out, running full speed, toward the final finish line.

The first meet of the new season occurred at Mira Costa. Though this meet was a practice meet, many runners, jumpers, and throwers demonstrated the great potential they had. The practice meet brought out several prominent players, including sophomore jumper Casey Riordan, who flew across the pit, attaining third place in the long jump. Another jumper,
Ahmed Mahmood, leaped pass all other competition in the high jump, achieving first place with a jump of 5 feet and 8 inches, and then placing second in the triple jump. The events of the Mira Costa were good omens that promised a bright future for the team at the Tri-County Invitational.

With the sun blazing in the skies, the team arrived at Moor Park High School to compete in the Tri-County Invitational Meet. All members of the team put in all their effort into their races, throws and jumps. Some notable runners included freshmen Ana Farello and Megan Freiburger, who finished first and second in the 1600 meter run, respectively, with times of 5:28 and 5:33, as well as Mahmood also placed in second during the 300 meter hurdles. These runners, as well as many of the rest of the team, did exceptionally well at the Tri-County Invitational, foreshadowing even greater accomplishments in meets to come.

Every member of team has been practicing assiduously for their respective competitions. The outlook for the season can be succintly summarzied by sophomore Mindy Labayen, “The rest of the season will get better as we get stronger. We’re work hard at practices and we’re improving every time.”

Mike Rose – Photo Credit

Girls’ Softball

Girls’ Softball by Lena Hedayat

With the start of the season underway, the Girls’ Varsity Softball team has put forth great energy into their first two games. On Friday, March 5 the ladies faced West Torrance and had a very close win, ending 3-1. The next game occurred on March 19 against Bishop Montgomery. The ladies played a tough game and did not rise to the occasion as they had their previous game, losing 5-12. However, the Eagles are ready to work hard throughout the rest of the season. Senior Lauren Farello says, “I’m really excited for this year because we have a great group of girls who work really hard. We’ve set the bar high and are going to work together to achieve our goals. We have a relatively young team, but we’re ready to come out strong and have a successful year.” No captains have been officially chosen for the team, but there is much more to come for the Lady Eagles. Their next home game is on April 21 against Lawndale. Be sure to go and support!

Boys Soccer

The boys soccer team has grappled with all sorts of obstacles since the beginning of their season – from sprinting in hot and humid weather, to bolting through the cascading deluge of storms. Before the flood, however, the team played an excellent game against Culver City on the December 18, ending with the Eagles’ victory of 5-1. The next games were against Valley and Bishop Montgomery, and though the team’s loss against Valley ended in defeat 0-3, the Eagles returned against Bishop Montgomery. After tying the first game against Bishop at 1-1, the boys soccer team began the new year strong by defeating their opponents with a final score of 3-1

With these initial objectives settled, the Eagles started their Pioneer league games with a battle against North. Though the final outcome of the match ended with a disappointing loss of 1-4, El Segundo made a comeback at the second league game against Torrance, finishing their adversaries with a score of 2-1. During the game, both teams were neck and neck, tied at 1-1; however, at the last minute of the game, Senior Josh Ferona was able to pierce through his opponent’s strict defense and launch the ball to score, but missed and hit the goal post. His fellow teammate, senior Ryan Denman, was able to follow up on Ferona’s lead, lanced through the opponents, and net the Eagles the necessary goal to win the game. The closure of this match introduced the team to the pouring showers that would dominate the next several battles of its campaign. Unfortunately, the Eagles were halted in their crusade by South, concluding in a final score of 1-4. Senior Max Reynolds laments over the current games: “It’s pretty disappointing, we’ve had a couple of losses we should have won, and we played in some pretty undesirable conditions. But we’re working to come back strong in the rest of our league games.” This sense of hope is also shared by his fellow teammate, Ferona, who says that “We would be winning, but then the other team would catch up at the end. It’s very frustrating because we had the potential to win each game. Though we were undefeated in preseason, we’re facing harder teams, but we still have the determination to win.” Despite the losses, with this perseverance, the future of the team looks bright as each member trains arduously for their games to come.