Go Eagle Band!

By: Ashlin Gray

Many El Segundo High School sports teams are competing in the State Championships this season. Among them is the El Segundo Eagle Marching Band, who are traveling to Heritage High School in Menifee, California on Saturday, November 17th, for the Marching Band State Championships. The band is under the direction of Steven Fox and Edie Rice and under the student leadership of Drum Major Rachel Cummings (Senior), Assistant Drum Major Stephen Clark, (Senior) Percussion Captains Samuel Ryan (Senior) and Jeannette Ledesma (Junior) , and Auxiliary Captains Tiana Austel (Senior) and Jessica Reed (Senior) . The band will take the field in competition with their field show entitled Revolution. The field show explores why a soldier sacrifices for his or her duty. It begins in a war-like manner, calling the audience into action. Then, in the middle of the show, the mood switches to an examination of a love so strong that soldiers are willingto make the ultimate sacrifice. The show ends with a celebration of personal triumph and a hope for a new beginning.

Previously, the band has performed in five competitions this season and received 1st place three times along with other awards such as the sweepstakes awards in High Visual, High General Effect, and High Band. The band aims to take 1st place at State Championships.
Regarding their season, marching band practice started in July for the new recruits. These “rookies”, about twenty-five percent of the marching band, experienced a three-day introduction to marching. Jessica Park, a freshman in the band and clarinet player said that “executing the show well, having the night practices, being focused, learning new things that can help me to be better mentally, and finally having that feeling of glory when we win [makes it all worth it]. Mr. Fox is amazing and makes us push ourselves out of our comfort zone.” Accomplishing something as a team was a common theme for most band members. “The sweet feeling of victory and triumph [makes band fun]… It’s hard, but it’s so worth the blood, sweat, and tears shed.” (Becky Tapia, Freshman—Color Guard). To many, band is also an opportunity to meet new people and create a team. “It gives me a chance to hang out with all of my friends and do something competitive.” (Nick Graves, Sophomore—Trombone). “Band gives us a sense of a team and something to strive for.” (Ben Hudson, Freshman—Trumpet). In August, the whole marching band returned for two weeks of 10-hour daily practices. In this time period, the band learned two-thirds of their field show. When school started, the band learned the rest of the show during their practices first period and after school practices once a week. They also performed at ESHS home football games in the fall.

“Music is a force that lives in everyone. I have learned to immerse myself in it. It has been the greatest experience I have been a part of and it is an experience that is too great for words.” (Christian Alva, Junior–Saxophone).To many band members, marching band is more than an extracurricular activity. “Personally, band has become my life and my legacy. I hope to be able to come back in 4-6 years and the band’s goal is to make it to Nationals and I will know that I helped to create that. I know without band I would not be where I am today and honestly I don’t know what I am going to do without it. The band is my second family and I love all the time I spend there.” (Kent Pluntze, Senior—Alto Sax). “Band has influenced me more than anything else in my life. It taught me what it truly means to care about something. The best lesson that band has taught me is to always do my best and giveit my all, if it is worth doing.” (Jimmy Russ, Junior—Trumpet). “Band is one of the few things that I truly work hard for and it has taught me what it really means to fully dedicate myself to something and how to put the team’s needs before my own. Being a part of the band program has taught me many valuable lessons such as leadership, perseverance, discipline, and dedication. Also of course, band is like my family and I’m honored to have been able to march with everyone in the program these past 4 years.” (Stephen Clark, Senior—Assistant Drum Major). “It’s been the most life changing experience. It has truly set me on the right path and changed my whole perspective on life and my potentials. I came into high school as an outcast, now I feel loved and accepted by 89 awesome people.” (Rachel Cummings, Senior—Drum Major). Band is a huge part of each member’s life and, at the same time, is an activity that is fun and entertaining. “What band means to me: following people with my tuba while playing The Fat Guy Song from ‘Family Guy’.” (Isaac Marcia, Junior—Tuba).

     In the previous years, the Eagle Band has set a high standard of excellence. With a growing program, the band has reached new heights this year and has come a long way from the small band they started out with years ago. For the past three years, the band has gotten 3rd place at State Championships. The band members are excited to go to State Championships this year. “What makes band worth it is when you go in to [State] Championships and you realize how much all of those practices and the time you have spent working together, all the time at band camp, has paid off. It all just comes out in the performance.” (Alex Knoblock, Senior—Trombone). “Our band season has had its ups and downs, but overall it has been a successful year and I’m excited for Championships on Saturday!” (Chelsea Day, Junior—Bari Sax). “All of our hard work is about to pay off.” (Kimani Schumann, Senior—Trombone).

     With a crusade on complacency, the band is striving for 1st place at Championships on Saturday. Go Eagles!!


Cross Country: The Don Bosco Invitational

El Segundo Cross Country girls race to the finish.
by Eric Chernick
Staff Writer

On Sunday, September 9, 2012,  the El Segundo Cross Country team kicked off their season at the Don Bosco Invitational.  The girl’s Junior/ Senior team showed yet again that they are one of the best athletics teams at the school their win at the Don Bosco Invitational, a feat that required them to beat the 16 other teams on the field.  Leading the Junior/ Senior team is Senior cross country standout Anna Farello who posted a time of 18:18 in the race obtaining 3rd place out of 162 runners in the field.  Anna’s 3rd place finish was the best place received by an El Segundo Athlete in the race.  El Segundo had five other sprinters who finished in the top 35: Katiana Lee , Macy Vezina, Mandie Segura,  Mary Hoffman, and Sharon Jacobs.  The Junior/ Senior team also had two runners who ran a new new personal record: Katiana Lee and Sharon Jacobs, with the third Rita Elfarissi setting a new personal record of  6th place among El Segundo runners. The men’s Junior/ Senior team also had a great race with an 8th place finish out of 19 teams.  The lead of the men’s team, senior Connor Forsythe,  finished 19th in the 195 person field posting El Segundo best overall time at the race of 16:51, giving him a new personal record.  Quinn O’Connor finished second among El Segundo sprinters finishing in 55th place with Spencer Bowen edging out Connor Langlois, earning them 73rd and 74th place respectively.  The men’s Junior/ Senior team had five new personal record achieved by: Conor Forsythe, Alex Koran, Matt Quashnick, Andrew Ramsouer, and Sagar Rathee. This great showing is only the beginning of their season.



Teams Competing

Girls’ Freshman/ Sophomore



Girls’ Junior/ Senior



Boys’ Freshman/ Sophomore



Boys’ Junior/ Senior



Football: West Torrance vs. El Segundo

    Lethargic. After a long hot week that reached blistering temperatures on Friday night the Eagles of El Segundo played a game against the West Warriors and appeared nothing but, well, lethargic. From the opening the Eagles put themselves in a tough spot. After an opening the game with a short drive that ended essentially with a holding penalty after a first down the Eagles were forced to give it back to the Warriors who promptly marched down the field to score on a six yard touchdown pass. After another quick 3-and-out the Eagles again punted to the Warriors who scored on a thirty yard touchdown pass. After falling quickly to an early 14-0 deficit the eagles desperately needed to create some positive momentum to get the game going back in their favor. However, when Zeman blindly threw a screen pass to an opponent with a white jersey the eagles fell to a dismal 21-0 and were put in a deep hole in the first quarter that just felt, again, lethargic.

     The Eagles refused to give up and Junior Quarterback Daniel Zeman refused to be flustered by his early mistake and responded with a drive that ended with a 40 yard touchdown to Seth Mckenna as Mckenna juked and jibed his way down the sideline for a score that finally gave something for Eagle fans to cheer about during the final minute of the first quarter. After trading field goals between the teams the Eagles seemed to be hitting their stride offensively between runs of Austin Brasher and the quick passing game. However, the Warriors weren’t going to let the good guys back in as QB number 10 gashed the defense with long runs and passes of his own and added a touchdown with three minutes to go in the first half.

Now here is where it got interesting. If you weren’t there you would not even begin to understand how long a football minute can be. This can not be overstated considering how many points were fit into this time frame. As much as the game opened to lethargy, its closing minutes of the first half became an all out frenzy. With 21 points scored in under 30 seconds the closing moments of the games second act saw huge momentum swings in both directions. Lets start with the one offensive touchdown. The Eagles zipped quickly zipped into the end zone in a two minute drive that would make most NFL teams happy and concluded in a touchdown run from Austin Brasher. On the ensuing kickoff the Eagles forced a fumble and deftly recovered the ball and broke the goal line for a quick touchdown. Notably this was the only time the Eagles truly felt like they were a decent threat to win the game as they brought they turned a 21 point blowout into a 31-24 thriller within 20 seconds and two plays.

     However, the positive momentum from the eagles sideline would soon end as quickly as it came with the half ending with a 99 yard touchdown return from the Warriors.

     The game would end like it began with Warrior dominance throughout the second half. After the half the Eagle offense never found its rhythm again and could not find the end zone again. This one never really felt close after the kick return and ended in a 54-24 West Warrior win.
Hopefully the (2-1) Eagles can overcome their recent tendency for poor starts and recover enough to beat the Oak Park Eagles next week.

Girls Volleyball: El Segundo VS: South Torrance 11/1/11

The El Segundo junior varsity girls volleyball team played against South High School’s team on November 1st, 2011. The first match was won by South High, but the Eagles came out victorious in the second match. Unfortunately, the Eagles could not win the third match and South High stole the game. The Eagles fought valiantly for the match but in the end, South proved to come out on top .

Boys Water Polo: El Segundo VS Culver City 10/28/11

On Friday, October 28, our El Segundo Boys Varsity Water Polo team played against the boys of Culver City. Our Eagles showed great passing ability from one swimmer to another. On top of that, our goalie helped with out our defense with fantastic blocks. From stealing the ball to long, strong shots, El Segundo had an overall strong offense. In the third quarter we had the lead with a score of 8-4 but lost it to 11-8. In the fourth quarter, we hit hard with our strong swimming and finished strong. With good teamwork, El Segundo came up victorious at the end with a 16-9 win.

Girls Volleyball: El Segundo Vs. Torrance 10/27/11

On Thursday,  October 27, the varsity girls volleyball team played against Torrance High School. It proved to be a tough game but the eagles pulled through and earned their victory with end score of 15 to 9. Torrance won the first two matches but El Segundo came back to win the last three. Torrance may have had a strong team but we proved to be stronger. In the end, the girls of El Segundo’s volleyball team triumphed.

Girls Tennis: El Segundo Vs. Torrance 10/27/11

Thursday, October 27 the El Segundo High School girl’s tennis team played one of their most challenging schools, Torrance High. Jessie Hamada, a varsity member of the ESHS tennis team, had a long and quiet12 minute match with a fellow Torrance opponent. Hamada started the match by winning the first game. Her Torrance opponent then stole one game from Hamada. With this Hamada took a beautiful serve and nearly stunned the other player. After this come back, Hamada won 5 back to back games until the match was over. The end score was 6 to 1. The match was clearly easy for Hamada but she stated, “I could of done better,” which implies that this El Segundo eagle always wants to improve her game.