Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Kendall Dennard Brown

by Anjeannette Aguilar

Staff Writer

In high school, you always find the usual teenagers that fall into the same category of these stereotypes: The football jock, the pretty cheerleader, the nerd, the band geek, the skater, the drama queens and kings, the singers, and the overachiever. How many times do you find a high school student with an individuality that astonishes the world? Yes, we sometimes see them, but never compared to Kendall Dennard Brown. You may know Kendall Brown, the funny, sweet, cool, smart, and determined Kendall Brown. The one with a smile permanently set on his face every day? Some of us know him as KB, K-Smoov or, my personal favorite CHOCOLATE THUNDAAA! However with every great triumph, there is always a beginning.
The world was introduced to this vivacious and spunky guy on November 1, 1994 at Little Company of Mary hospital to parents Randy and Kotheldra Brown. Kendall is the youngest of 3. He has 2 older sisters RaVaughn Brown, 24 and Rhyon Brown, 19. As a child, he was fireball full of energy and had a love for spaghetti. Instead of staying home playing video games all day, he was involved in many activities.  He was a quad sport athlete, and played football, basketball on an AAU team for 5 years, baseball and ran track!   Kendall first showed his spark and talents to ESHS at 13 as a freshman.  Kendall first discovered his passion for football when he was 4 and it began with him watching football games Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  He then started playing tackle football at age 7 for the Carson Colts.
Kendall always fills those around him with joy and laughter. He has such an amazing personality that leave people remembering his name. As Senior Nicole Nootbaar states, “ Kendall is the best!! He’s always working hard whether it’s in a classroom, on the football field, or in ASB. I’m so glad I’ve been able to get to know him these past 4 years. He always has been able to put a smile on my face!”. “ Kendall is soooo nice and funny” , says Junior Dani Greene.
In his 4 years at El Segundo High School, Kendall Brown has been quite a sight to see. Kendall has shined through sports, leadership and grades. He has been a defensive back/ Wide receiver on Varsity Football and sprinter for 100m in Varsity Track for 3 years. As for leadership and activities, it’s an endless list! As a Sophomore he was Lt.Governor, sophomore prince, Jr. Class Governor, Commissioner of Special Projects, Homecoming King Nominee, member of many clubs, Varsity Football Team Captain, a member of NSHSS and CSF, and made Honor Roll. Wow, barely have enough fingers to count it all! Academically, Kendall has maintained a 4.0 throughout high school in various challenging and rigorous classes.
After graduating, Kendall would like to pursue a profession in Sports business. He would like to attend Harvard University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, or Brown University.

Wherever journey KB is taken, it will forever be known that he will tackle each endeavor with zeal, class, intelligence, and most importantly, SWAG!

“Failure is not final”

Senior Spotlight: Rachel Dunlop

by Jeff  Liu

Rachel is the girl who always carries her Canon 5D Mark-II around, whatever that is. I think that might be a spaceship, but apparently it’s a camera.

So how exactly did this long-standing passion begin for Rachel? Her first experiences began when her mother always took pictures of her, constantly embarrassing her with the need for photos. Eventually, Rachel received her first DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera), where her passion ignited (and now she too feels the constant need to embarrass everyone around her with photos). She can now be seen everywhere, taking photos of everything! Her most favorite subjects for photography are people, “I love to capture the moment and people’s personalities in photographs.” Rachel has always had an interest in anything vintage; to her, there is always that timeless and classic feel that cannot be found in anything else.

The second half of her life fills itself with the melodies and songs that come from her love for music. Rachel enjoys bands including Green Day, A Day to Remember, and Death Cab for Cutie. She attends any concert she can: “I’m good at getting to the front, because I’m skinny and have elbows of doom.” However, her love for music does not only limit itself to listening to songs, but she also helps create it. Rachel’s four year dedications to the El Segundo High School Band began with grueling piano lessons when she was only five: “I hated it, but everyone said I’d be thankful in the future. Now I’m glad that I can play a synthesizer; it’s helped me understand my love for music more.” Rachel also played a clarinet, an experience she’s more inclined to forget: “I hated it,” she simply states. Later on, she took up percussion, joining the El Segundo Winterline as well as other drum corps and independent percussion ensembles such as Full Force Percussion, Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, Orange County Independent Percussion, and most recently Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps. “I like playing mallets: it’s the perfect combination of piano and percussion.”

Apart from her photography and music, Rachel also enjoys a variety of interests, particularly blogging, from which she can express her heartfelt cries for love and life. Her sense of fashion can only be called “weird.” Rachel owns only two pairs of pants; she’s more of a dress girl: “And if I have to wear some type of pants, I’ll wear shorts.”

In terms of her future, Rachel will be attending Parsons New School of Design in New York. For her, the bustling city is the perfect environment in which she can thrive. In addition, the balance of the urban metropolis with the idyllic natural setting of Central Park are perfect for her. She says, “The city matches my fast-paced personality; it’s like a whole different culture that I can relate to. There are hipsters everywhere!” At Parsons, Rachel will study fashion photography, and continue pursuing her passion in the realm of freelance photojournalism. She hopes to shoot for magazines such as Vogue and W.

Senior Spotlight: Tommy Marcelletti

by Jocelyn Paz

Webster Dictionary defines classy as highly stylish, elegant and having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior.  Thomas Albert Marcelletti may as well have his picture associated with this definition.  He gracefully walked down the halls of ESHS for four years, leaving behind his ‘puppy dog face’ phase at ESMS.  That awkward freshman stage that most of us can sympathize with is what separates us normal students from this prestigious man.
Born on March 4, 1993, Mr. Marcelletti blessed this planet with his presence and the world unknowingly became much brighter.  He fills all those around him with an extreme joy for life and fuels his friends with the passion for laughter.  How does he do this?  Senior John Woolson claims he is “oblivious”, while senior Christy Crigler describes him as “wild”.  But at the same time, she claims that he is “one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and he’s made my life more interesting.”
In his free time, Tommy Marcelletti enjoys escaping reality and indulges himself with the life-lessons that come with Call of Duty.  Watching him play, it’s as though there isn’t a care in the world and it becomes obvious that the game is more than just a game; it’s an emotionally freeing portal for the young tuba player.
Although he leaves us wondering about his strange behavior, whoever may one day meet Thomas Marcelletti in the future will definitely be awestruck by his ebullient personality as well as his view on life, taking whatever comes by and putting it in his lemonade.

Senior Spotlight: Sara Pandhiani

by Jack Li

Your world is a dark, murky abyss. For what seems like months, years, generations, you struggle against the watery confines of your suffocating prison. As time passes, the prison grows smaller, and its elastic membrane presses against fragile elbows, knees, and buttocks. The pressure grows unbearable until one fateful day, the overstressed prison breaks, releasing its watery contents. A tiny sliver of golden light caresses your face, and you reach towards freedom. Struggling with the untapped power contained in your tiny muscles and tendons, you push, until suddenly, a numbing gust of wind, a sharp stinging pain on the behind, and a long-awaited breath of fresh air. You are Sara Pandhiani, and you have just been born on the glorious day of March 29, 1993.

Sara is a vivacious and spunky girl who is infused with an extraordinary sense of boldness. However, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise at first glance, she may look rather different as some would say. Once you get to know her, you will discover a rather mysteriously soft-hearted girl who is not afraid to tell the truth and voice her opinion about politics, the people around her, and moral views; such as the infamous dress code editorial from last years Bay Eagle newspaper. Yes, she did indeed write that sparking editorial.

Sara’s life has been a series of unique and interesting exploits. She was born on March 29, 1993 at Inglewood Memorial Hospital to a Scottish-Irish mom and a Pakistani dad. As a child, she pursued music, ballet, various sports and martial arts. However, after 7 years she stopped dance and martial arts. As a middle school student she enrolled in concert band, which was very different from the classical orchestra groups she had been in before. This would eventually become an activity that she would grow to love. Her time as a percussionist in band turned her into a skilled drummer and led her to her current passion: Drum Corps.
Today Sara is an excellent student who excels both in and out of the classroom. She is an avid lover of history, politics and a vegetarian. She continues her passion for music by performing in the high school band as Drumline Captain, Band Council President, and Big Sister. Outside of high school, she has marched several independent groups. Starting out her Sophomore year in Full Force Percussion, her love for the independent groups and drum corps grew. Continuing on with Full Force Percussion in 2010 in the winter season, she started marching summer outdoor with the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps. Taking the winter season off in 2011, Sara is now focusing on summer by marching City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps.
Sara is a girl who holds big dreams for the future. She plans to attend Grossmont Community College in San Diego, California while continuing to perform in drum corps. After that, the fiercely patriotic Sara plans to enter into the United States Marine Corps working in Infantry driving humvee’s and working with navigation. Her dream after the military is to work in government intelligence in and out of the country. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Senior Spotlight: Jocelyn Paz

by Tommy Marcelletti

You may not see her beneath everyone else in the hallways, but quietly, Jocelyn Paz has built an impressive resume of leadership and accomplishment that perfectly contrasts her embarrassing height.  The passion and determination for life she exhibits daily could fill the body of a giant, and even that may still not be enough.

Her best friend Tommy Marcelletti – why she calls him that no one knows, as she is seen beating him with various objects on a daily basis – loves to spend time with her, when he’s not busy doing other, more important things, such as pineapple farming or caring for homeless rabbits.  However, the time they do spend together is precious to them both, as Jocelyn will be attending the University of California at San Diego and leaving him for the first time, a scary proposition given her propensity to not be able to live without him.  “I am honored to have been accepted to such an esteemed school and am really excited to begin a new chapter of my life there. I think the best part is the fact that I’ll be more independent, but at the same time I can come home and visit because it’s not too far, she says.”

Jocelyn’s main passions include music and art, to which she has devoted four high school years each.  “Music and art are the stress-relievers in my life. I use them to allow myself to take a breather out of my hectic life, since I live about an hour away [from El Segundo]. I can truly say that my life revolves around them both; they’re my passions..”  Her inspiration to achieve excellence is brought on by her close acquaintance John Milton Woolson, who some estimate has practiced clarinet longer than the average 32 year-old professional musician.  While she acknowledges she could never find enough hours in the day to practice enough to be better than him, she showed off her passion and leadership in another way: she served as drum major this past season, leading ESHS’s marching band to a third place finish in the state’s championships.  “It was great,” Jocelyn exclaims.  She has also played flute and piccolo for seven years, and will likely continue to do so in college.  “It will be great,” she says of the coming years.

Senior Spotlight: Ricardo Delgado

by Bel Jacob

Ricardo Delgado, born August 27, 1993, is a simple fellow with unusual tastes in many areas. His interpretation of simple heart warming movies like Bambi usually end in a gruesome zombie apocalypse. Ricardo will show up every month with a new set of expensive headphones. His response to if they’re broken or if anything is broken is simply “duct tape.” He is a man of simple pleasures, he spends most of his time drawing demonic creatures of sorts, and occasionally he will draw something different, sort of, not really. The biggest misconception with this individual is that people often misconstrue his ethnic background. People will assume right off the bat that he is Mexican, though he just gives them a shrug and explanation  without much emotion. He simply tells anyone who assumes this, “Have you ever seen that movie ‘Emperor’s New Groove’?” Though they might not know his ethnicity, they get a good picture because in actuality he is Peruvian. And yes, Peru is the one with llamas and ruins on the mountains.

But in all seriousness Ricardo is a good guy, the kind of guy who will be there for his family, no matter how many quinceneras he gets dragged to. He is headed to El Camino and is pursuing a career in graphic design or game art. Ricardo has always been a man of few words, except when he plays video games. He truly comes out of his shell when incorporated into the virtual world. When engaged in a fire fight, sword battle, or any other form of video game fighting, he rages like a demonized sports fan. Comedy and art are his main forms of expression. Name any Family Guy episode and he probably knows it, ask him to make something scary, he’ll make it horrifying and gory. Though not much is heard of this El Segundo student, he is an exemplary example of a well rounded and whole hearted individual.

Senior Spotlight: Jeff Liu

By Nikki Ochoa

Bay Eagle Staff Jeff Liu; born July 10th 1993.

Liu: People believe I am a genius, suppose I’m smart to an extent but that, of course,  just from genuine hard work.While other kids are out playing, socializing, and having fun I would be busy doing extra homework. Not necessary schoolwork,  just work my parents assigned me back in the day, supplementary homework. I guess that might mean how I became so stiff.

Q: You’d call yourself stiff? I think most people would classify you as more of a eccentric kind of guy rather than a stiff.

Liu: I guess I was stiff starting out high school as I suppose a lot of people do.

Q: And then you changed?

Liu: Of course I changed and I suppose I owe much of that change to math; it’s funny that I say that because most people believe it’s just a class for me, just an academic, but in actuality I learned a lot of people skills, I made a lot of friends in my math class because we all shared that similar interest in the study. I continued following my interest in math and continued learning about great people in math. Now I find myself finished with a course of Linear Algebra, although I guess I’m now more confused with math than I was when I started.

Q: So back when you mentioned not going out due to extra homework, do you ever wish that was different?

Liu: I don’t. I don’t at all because anytime I try to imagine it, I end up getting arrested, and a car accident had just occurred in the background. I am grateful for the strict upbringing my parents put on me; it’s given me a sense of discipline different than that of an average person.

Q: That sounds pretty accurate. So if there would be anything in your life you could have changed at all, what would it be?

Liu: I would wish a lot of generic things, making better decisions, studying harder, but more importantly I wish that i was more aloof, more detached, because I realize that my junior and senior year I let my emotions overcome me. and I lost any type of objectivity I might have had. but I’m glad I’m getting it back, because high school’s ending. I’m ready to go out and meet new people.

Q: Well, before you leave, do you have any fond memories from your high school years?

Liu: The different spots on campus: nowadays, I see my fellow classmates at their usual places where they spend snack and lunch. But often I recall the students from the older classes: 2010, 2009, 2008, who used to occupy those spaces as well. I wonder where they are now.
In any case, math, biology, music, and journalism have generally defined my life here at ESHS.

Q: You’ve already talked about math, but how about the other two? How have science and music come to shape your high school experience?

Liu: Mrs. Byrd has been my science teacher for three years now. Bio 1, AP Bio, APES. My experience in the class has definitely completely rewritten the previous perspective I had on education; and I guess college will most likely do that as well. I remember entering that class as a freshman, completely intimidated by the sheer bulk of work that had to be done, but gradually, the class became one of the most comfortable, where I could share my opinions without any scathing ridicule, make jokes that had everyone laughing, and I had a way to express my thoughts.
While science occupied that left half of my brain, the other focused on the music at this school. I started the first half of high school playing trumpet for the marching band; it was definitely life-changing time. When such a large number of people all work together toward that one common goal of winning competition, that focused mindset is just astounding. Nevertheless, much to the chagrin of many of my friends, I had to withdraw from the band. Yet I never lost that longing to create music. I’ve played piano for over a decade, and I wanted to do something with that ability, something that was not just competition or testing.
I decided to become an accompanist of sorts for the Drama and Choir Departments. I had played for the drama department on a few occasions at competitions, but I feel that my time playing with the choir have been truly incredible. Feeling those songs and voices resonating through the air is an unmatchable feeling and I was happy to have been part of those experiences.

Q: And with Journalism?
Liu: The newspaper began as what seemed to have been a whim for me. I joined because I thought it would be interesting, writing something that could be printed. Of course, I began that pursuit as a lowly servant: all I did was pick up the papers that the editor-in-chief printed. The articles I initially wrote were abysmal, and that quality continued to my sophomore year; at that time, I didn’t feel I had any type of creativity at all.

Q: But now you’re close to finishing your fourth year in journalism?
Liu: The last two years of my high school experience, I guess, is responsible for that. As I became more involved in the school, I became more inclined to try my hand at creating something new. Maybe by the time I began that endeavor, it was already too late; nevertheless, it’s been a great year in review. I have had my time learning and teaching others, and it’s time to pass that role to the younger students, and have them continue learning, teaching, and relearning, for the sake of their fellow friends.