Fashion Time Travel; Style is Taking a Shift Decades Back

by Tylynn Burns

When you think of the 70’s, you picture flared-out pants, floor dragging skirts, platforms, wedges, sun hats,high waisted jeans and those over-sized round metal sunglasses. You think of boys in letter-man jackets, snapbacks, overly tight skinny jeans, Vans, Chucks and Jordans. Well, our fellow Eagles at El Segundo High have caught onto this vintage trend and are letting it show. These jaunty teenagers have definitely integrated today’s looks with the past. There is such alacrity within fashion.

Not only is a trend approaching, but the ladies of El Segundo High are becoming more creative. From making there own graphic tees to cutting up their once ‘never to be worn again’ jeans and shirts into something more stylish. Anyone can create this crafty look for themselves. Just go sneak into your little brother’s room and “borrow” one of his spider-man shirts and turn it into a tee. Its that simple, and that cute.

You can still find this look in thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and more of the low key shops that aren’t well known. Prices are cheap, an outfit to fit into this trend ranges around $15-$45, which is not bad at all. Not only is fashion stylish, but it takes a major part in education. If you have a passion for fashion, you can look into schools such as FIDM Fashion Institute which is located here in California, Pratt and Parsons, located in New York, and Drexel University located in Philadelphia.

Today’s fashion plays a major role in society, and not just this kind of trend but other trends also. Fashion is created within yourself, it’s like your second personality.

Pull out quotes:

“everyone has a say to what fashion really is, its definitely a way to express yourself” – Freshmen Maddie Van Pelt and Holly Vezina

Fads of 2011

by Tiana Austel

Fads: “temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group.”
Fads take the world by storm and seem to hit every single city in America. As soon as the last fad is out, a new fad is in. 2010 was an action-packed year of awe-inspiring inventions in technology, fashion, music, and culture in general.  Here are some fads from 2011:

1) Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is a name that every single highschooler knows. It seems even the highschoolers in Antarctica have heard of this brown eyed 16 year old who took the world by storm. Then again storm is an understatement in comparison to how his fame grew in 2010. It all started with Bieber’s debut release album My World 2.0 which dominated charts across the world. His single “Baby” debuted at number one the Billboard charts and started a sensation. It seemed like it was impossible to go anywhere without hearing “I was like baby baby baby ooh”. He also dominated Google and was reported in July 2010 to be the most searched for celebrity on the Internet. The Observer, one of the oldest Sunday newspapers in the UK stated that “Justin Bieber had more influence in the social networking sphere than Barack Obama or The Dalai Lama. The worst part about this teenage heart throb are his die hard fans who claim that he is in fact the hottest boy in the world while sporting their “I Love the Biebes” t-shirts.

2) Autotune
2010 was undeniably the year of the auto tune. It seemed that every single song was laced with auto tune almost to the point where it distorts the artist’s real voice. Artists like Black Eyed Peas recorded hits like “Imma Be” and “This Time (Dirty Bit)” which made their voices almost unrecognizable beneath the club beats and heavy use of auto tune. Auto tune takes out the human-sounding factor that listeners such as myself enjoy. Auto tune also covers the rawness and pure emotion an artist can put into their song to make it sound as if a robot is singing. Auto tune in moderation may improve the song but 2010 crossed the fine line.

3) 3-D Movies
It seemed like every single movie this year was in 3-D. You could not walk into any theater without having a pair of retro red and blue glasses thrust into your hands. Some 3-D movies of 2010 were Avatar, Toy Story 3, Tron Legacy, Alice in Wonderland, and Despicable Me. One of the 3-D films, Alice in Wonderland, opened with a whopping in $116.1 million the first weekend it premiered and stayed at the top of the charts for a few weeks. 3-D movies are trending right now and utilizing all of the current latest technologies to bring movies to life.

4) Snuggies
First of all who hasn’t heard of the Snuggle a.k.a The Blanket With Sleeves? This backwards robe offers a cozy alternative to a plain old blanket and gives you the opportunity to move without getting cold. Snuggie commercials advertise these blankets with sleeves in all different colors and patterns. This includes the designer animal print Snuggies, the Camo-print Snuggie, and even a Snuggie for your dog! This way you can torture your dog by stifling him in a miniaturized bathrobe. You also can’t forget the Outdoor Snuggie made of almost 100% polyester! But seriously, go put on your bathrobe backwards, unless you want to boast about having a Snuggie and wear it to baseball games (as seen in the commercial), save some money and don’t buy one.

5) “Doodle Jump” & “Angry Birds”
If you haven’t heard of “Angry Birds” or “Doodle Jump” you seriously need to come out from underneath  the rock you are living under. The sale of these two applications for smart phones skyrocketed during 2010 and made it almost virtually impossible to escape. To play “Doodle Jump” one must tilt their iPod from side to side and their creature, named the Doodler, will move the corresponding way. One must evade the hovering zombies, disappearing platforms, UFOs, and other various obstacles to get as high as possible. The higher the creature the higher the score. “Angry Birds” is another addicting game in which one uses a catapult to fling birds and knock down evil green pigs. Sounds boring right? Dead wrong. This cartoon game has captured hundreds of hearts and has sold over $12 million in sales on iTunes.

Editorial Feb. 2011: Social Networking

by Jack Li

We live in an age of social networking. Almost every student at El Segundo High experiences this first hand. Our lives are perpetually wired into a vast and instantaneous network of social communication. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have forever changed the way we communicate. They have allowed us to share information with people that might be in the same room or on the other side of the globe. For students, social networking has to an extent even replaced face-to-face conversation. Yet for most students, this potentially powerful medium is simply another way to socialize with classmates.

For this reason, our uses of social networking simply scratches the surface of what may be a huge wealth of untapped power. Social networking has the power to change the world. The instantaneous  communication it  provides allows like-minded people to rally around a cause more rapidly than ever before. Its real-time updates allow citizens of one country to hear the cries of those of another country thousands of miles away. The power of social networking is no better exemplified than in the recent citizen-led overthrow of Egypt’s government.

The Egyptian uprising simply could not have happened without the use of this tool. The uprising was fueled by young discontent Egyptians who used the Internet to vent their anger towards the government.  Using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, these revolutionaries created groups, wrote tweets, and posted videos depicting government corruption. Because social networking allowed them to communicate so quickly, the revolution coalesced in only a matter of days.

The American Revolution took 7 years to coalesce. The French Revolution took more than 10. The Egyptian Revolution took only 18 days. The power of this new social networking is both incredible and frightening. Social networking has an immense wealth of untapped power. In light of this, what does the editorial staff of the Bay Eagle encourage you to do? Don’t look at social networking as simply a tool to communicate with your friends. Start a movement. Contribute to a cause you are dedicated to. Use this new power to change the world.

Disney’s Return

by Kristy Lee

After gliding through five years, Disney Animation Studios has finally come out with a traditionally hand-drawn film: The Princess and the Frog. After its worldwide success in 2009, Disney has announced its return to 2D/traditionally hand-drawn animation, releasing a new hand-drawn film every two years. Although Pixar is also fantastic, the old time classics are what our generation has grown up with. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that children these days can also experience the wonder and exhilaration of Disney just as we did. It is disappointing seeing shows, movies, and artists, such as Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and the Jonas Brothers, emerging from the studios. Facebook had even assembled a group page titled “If Walt Disney watched Disney channel right now, he would cry.” Audiences have expressed their opinions on 2D versus 3D animation where 2D occupies the upper hand. The time and effort put into the quality films were greatly shown. It is like a mesmerizing painting granted with motion. On the other hand, 3D also has its positive qualities. “I like 3D better because it makes it come to life where 2D is sort of flat,” says sophomore Uini Falevai. The plot lines in 3D films and Pixar are genuinely crafted and are able to grasp the audience’s attention. If they could combine the story lines from the 3D films with traditional animation, Disney would be able to relive its golden days, capturing every one’s attention. However, with its 2D films coming out, hopefully Disney can redeem its timeless reputation. They have finally acknowledged that the magic and beauty of the Disney Classic films can never be replaced. Now that it has been two years since 2009, Disney will be releasing a new traditionally hand-drawn film that we are all familiar with. Winnie the Pooh will hit theaters on July 15th, 2011. The film will follow the same style as previous Winnie the Pooh featurettes using five unadapted stories.  After watching the trailer for the film, my entire body was being filled with nostalgia while reminiscence of my childhood poured back. Many have predicted that it will be like the Toy Story 3 of the year where people of all ages scramble to purchase their tickets. Numerous people are overjoyed to hear that Disney has finally returned with the hand-drawn films that enchanted us all as children.

“ I like 2D because I don’t like putting on glasses and I think that 3D should be for certain events. The art direction in traditional hand-drawn animation is much better.” – Sophomore Natalie Dease.

ESHS Fashion Trends

by Tylynn Burns
Staff Writer

There’s a new trend that is setting foot upon Eagle territory, and everyone seems to be getting taken under its wing. It’s urban, old fashion, creative and stylish. It copies fashion statements from the 50’s, 70’s and even the 90’s. This style includes jean jackets, jean shirts, high waisted shorts and skirts, doc martens, commander boots, fashionable sweaters and of course button up shirts.

This new look pulls from all sorts of previous fashion genres, whether it be grunge, preppy, or pretty. The variety of different kinds of looks means that more people can enjoy this fashion expression. The “cool kids” aren’t the only ones adapting to this fad, but everyone.

Not only are the girls wearing this new funky look, but also the guys. Boys sport a preppy semi-formal look, showing off their cardigans, corduroy jeans, leather acid-washed backpacks and oxfords. Young male Eagles appear more sophisticated and less self destructive. Their fashions are polished and they look ready for a bright future.

Kids aren’t the only people getting a kick out of these new trends but teachers and parents also. Adolescents can say goodbye to vulgar apparel and hello to the “I’m going to college” look. No more cleavage and gluteus maximus showing for girls, and no more boxers showing from

You’re probably thinking “I can’t afford this look!”, but you can! There is such thing called a sale rack and you’ll be amazed at what you would find there. Also you don’t have to just go to Urban Outfitters, or American Apparel, hit up Goodwill, who have some nice clothes for cheap. Don’t forget about thrift stores where you can rack up a wardrobe for about only twenty dollars.

Thank you Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and little thrift shops on Melrose, you have made El Segundo High School the fashionable school of the year.

Music Makes the Grade

by Brianne O’Donoghue

While walking the grounds of El Segundo High School, it’s not hard to tell that the students here are passionate about music. During passing period you can see a countless number of students gliding along the edges of the hallway, seemingly oblivious to the world, lost in the sounds of their iPods. The melodies of devoted band members still practicing their pieces project across the south quad long after school ends, while the songs of the choir continue to echo through the morn.

ESHS is known far and wide for its academic excellence; it boasts an unrivaled team of both brilliant students and educators. Students work tirelessly to achieve extraordinary grades and El Segundo’s untouchable test scores and they succeed every time. So how does ESHS continue to top the scores of other schools? How do these outstanding results correlate to the lives of the students? Is there more to making the grade than academics?

According to multiple studies, there is. Musical programs not only promote self-esteem and provide a means for social gains, but they also contribute greatly to academic success. Junior Joey Russ says, “Music provides an outlet for me to express myself. And it can also help with learning patterns and multiplying by four.” It is commonly known that musical training can improve math and reading skills as the same skills are used in reading music and counting beats. A lesser known fact is that students who take instructional music classes score better on the SATs that those who do not. According to The College Board, students who have taken musical instruction classes score an average of sixty points better on the English section and forty-three points better on the math section of the SAT. In addition, for every year a student has participated in music classes, their SAT scores improved. The results of a study conducted by British Columbian psychologists Peter Gouzouasis, Martin Guhn and Nand Kishor also point out the importance of musical participation. They go on to state that their results support the idea that time spent on musical enrichment ‘goes hand in hand with or even fosters academic excellence in other core subjects.’ Senior Colleen Ash concurs, “All students have their different ways of learning and if a student loves music and understands it, they can use music and the same ways of learning a new song to learn a new math problem.”

As it stands now, music is seen as an co-curricular course that exists for the enjoyment of the students. But really, music is so much more than that. It should not be considered ‘extra’-curricular at all. It supports social growth, creativity, academic excellence and evokes positive feelings from students. Russ supports this idea commenting, “It’s definitely important to keep music programs in our school because school should be more than academics; students should be able to learn what they want. They should also not only be able to learn about the world around them, but also about themselves too.” Ash concludes, “ I feel that music has completed me. I absolutely would not be who I am without music. The power of music can solve any of my problems and it has really shaped who I am today.”

Governor Brown

by Jack Li

California’s November election has just come to pass, and with it has arrived many sweeping changes in our state government. The transition from Governor Schwarzenegger to Jerry Brown (Democrat) promises new policies and attitudes towards key issues. One of the most hotly contested issues in California is education. Brown promises to solve our education crisis, and will undoubtedly have a different plan than Schwarzenegger has been using Brown’s administration will attempt to change the educational landscape in this state. Here’s how the recent election will affect you as a student in California.

* Plans to focus on community colleges. By investing money to improve the quality of education in community colleges, it will be easier for students to finish their requirements there and transfer to a CSU or UC after 2 years.
* Expand opportunities for technology use in public schools. He plans to focus more on both online schooling and technology in the classroom.
* He plans to overhaul our standardized testing system. This means that STAR testing will be shorter and more comprehension based than fact based. He wants to replace this with periodic shorter tests throughout the year.
* Change how schools are funded. Brown plans to use a weighted formula to determine the money that each school receives. It will be based on each school’s specific issues.
* Hire higher quality teachers from their high performance in high school and college. Also, creates a system for rating teachers and their effectiveness. This will help improve individual teachers on what they need to do to get better.
* Brown wants to focus much more on STEM. This represents science, technology, engineering, and math. He wants to increase funding for hands on learning in these subjects.

Overall, Brown’s plan calls for sweeping changes in our school systems. His forward-thinking policies call for increased utilization of technologies and focus on subjects with applications in the job market. Large changes in infrastructure are never easy in a democracy, and he will no doubt face opposition from partisan groups in Congress. As ardent political activist and aspiring statesman senior Kevin Weibazahl says, “Brown will try to increase funding for education or at least stop it from being cut, that’s if the legislature cooperates.” The new governor’s performance in the following months and years will determine if he ultimately follows through with his ambitious goals.