Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall

Paulette Mumar, Staff Writter

Time to hide your high-waisted shorts, floral dresses, and your see-through, bright, and lively colored tops. Now it is time for your comfy jackets, warm scarves, and lovely cardigans to shine! This time of the year, as I like to call it the”bipolar season,” can be really tricky regarding your outfits. It is not exactly cold enough to wear our winter clothes, but not hot enough to still wear summer clothes either, so picking outfits can be a burden sometimes. You definitely want to keep in mind that you always want to choose outfits that will be comfortable throughout the day (This is a fashion policy!). So in this “bipolar weather” I recommend you, always bring a jacket with you in case it gets cold.

Skip the highlighter colors for pieces, and go for darker tone colors, such as maroon, olive green, grey, burgundy, dark blue, eggplant color and tan for prints. Stripes will always be in season and you can go bold with camouflage print, and darker tone plaids for your bottoms or other pieces. Cardigans are perfect for fall, they’re not so heavy and hot, that they will make you sweat. They will cover just enough to warm your body. They’re perfect for the cold, foggy mornings and hot, sunny afternoon. Knit sweaters and cardigans are also a must have for fall they are the comfiest things ever!

Fall is all about layering! Layer your denim shirt with a cardigan, with olive green jackets and add an infinity scarf with maroon jeans and combat boots or Toms. Layer all you want! And when it gets too hot, you’ve got the option to strip all those layers, and bam! Remember, whatever season it is, stay true to yourself, you only dress for yourself, and no one else!