DE-Evolution of Miley Cyrus

By Folasade Bamimore, Staff Writer

Destiny Hope, Smiley Miley, Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus: different names for the same person right? Well not exactly, because there have been some major identity changes with each name, coming a new persona, a new side of her. Some call what she has become today, growth, but is it really? But it’s not  necessary to grow in the direction that she has now. There are less flamboyant paths to take, when sharing self-discovery with the world.


Destiny Hope- Born November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee. Daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and mother and current manager, Tish Cyrus. Has three half-siblings, and two siblings.


Smiley Miley- So how did the name Miley come from Destiny? Well, as a child, Destiny would smile a lot, so her family came up with calling her “Smiley”, but then it was eventually cut off to Miley, which has obviously stuck.

Miley grew up on a farm with her family. She was raised a Baptist Christian. She was a competitive cheerleader.


Miley Stewart- Miley began her role as Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana in 2006.


Hannah Montana- This is where it all started. The moment when virtually every young girl in the world, including me, became a die-hard fan of hers. It was the hilarious show, the music, the quirky personality, the Southern twang.

Miley Cyrus- After establishing herself as Hannah Montana, in 2007 Miley decided to make music, still with Disney, but  under her real name, and a different image. With her fans there began this debate of: “who do you like better, Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?” (I always chose Miley Cyrus).

In 2008, her self-image started to go downhill after she took inappropriate pictures of herself and when her near nude self made the cover of Vanity Fair magazine at the age of 15. However, despite this she still remained very popular for her music.


In 2009, she released her single, “Party in the USA” which became very popular, but at the time also raised some new thoughts about Miley, especially her Kids’ Choice Awards performance,  In retrospect, however, it is nothing compared to her behavior today.

In 2010, she was starred in the heartwarming, The Last Song, where she wanted to expand her fan base to older audiences. Also in 2010, she came out with “Can’t Be Tamed” which made some people begin to worry, but made more excited. “Can’t Be Tamed” seems to be the precursor to what she has become now.

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Present-day Miley- First it was the hair, the new skimpy wardrobe, the substance use (which started earlier, but she did not make her use of it casual with the public until now), the partying, then new music, the music videos and the performances.

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Changing one’s self image and self identity is fine, but the way Miley chooses to do it does not show her own self-modesty. this is important because she has a little sister who is looking up to her, young fans, including teenagers. The least she can do is not flaunt her substance abuse. Sure, other celebrities do use and abuse substances, and they are not loud about it because they know it is not good for health at all, or a good example. There is more to life, and more to “coolness” than relying on substances to make one happy.

And yes, she does indeed have a talented singing voice, but she has taken advantage of it to portray vulgar messages.

The way in which she chooses to portray her music videos and the performances is unnecessary. Where is her self-respect, her self-worth? Would any of you like to have your sister, or cousin, friend, or future wife, or even daughter show herself to the world in this way? There are definitely cleaner ways of showing growing up, or portraying another message, where one does not need to expose their body, or show how much they are a fan of substance, or use vulgar language to do so.


Take Demi Lovato, for example, yes she has had her ups and downs (from a diagnosed mental illness, which is different from Miley’s case). She has gone through virtually the same exact upbringing as Miley. Raised in the South, started acting at a very young age, went through the Disney path, sang with Disney, and then stopped Disney. Now, she has created her own music the way that she wants (not being forced into the style) just like Miley. But the difference with Demi is that she has found a clean, full of integrity, self-respectful, means of showing her change into adulthood, and still allowing her music to be good and stay famous. And on top of that she keeps herself covered up. So that just shows how Miley’s exhibits are purely unnecessary to remain successful.


And for those of you who say, “but I can relate to Miley, and how she feels the need to change as she grows up”, is the way she changed necessary for everyone? Is it going to make you successful if you celebrate and imitate the way she has changed.

Is this the Miley Cyrus what you want to invest your money in?

Glee’s Singing Season Opening

Rebecca Pedersen, Staff Writer


Disclaimer: If you have not watched episodes 1-3 of season 5, this article does contain spoilers.

The characters of Glee have been on emotional roller coaster rides ever since the shows start in 2009. However, this year much has happened to the actors of the show off the set as well, including: Naya Rivera’s (Santana) engagement to Big Sean, Amber Riley being on Dancing with the Stars, and the passing of Cory Montieth.

The end of season four left us half way through the school year, right after regionals were wrapped up and Brittany received an invitation to attend MIT. All of the Gleeks were also left with an entire episode of cliff hangers: will Klaine get engaged, will Rachel get the part of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl, and where is Finn?

In this television series that portrays the lives of past and present Mckinley High School glee club members there is no shortage of drama. The season five premiere was no exception. The members of Glee were in touch with their inner Beatle in the first two episodes. In the first episode, “Love, Love, Love”, Blaine finally proposes to Kurt with an epic musical number including all the rival glee clubs. What else did you expect? Also, Sue Sylvester replaces Figgins as principal of Mckinley. Back in New York, Rachel and Santana are both working at a New York Diner while they try to make their television and Broadway dreams come true. Also, with a Beatles song, Sam agreed to be Tina’s date to prom. In the second Beatles inspired episode, Tina finds her inner mean girl and  dumps Sam because she wants a better chance of winning homecoming queen. A new, evil Cheerio named Bree (or Santana 2.0) is introduced and sabotaged Tina’s victory by having, nothing other than, red slushies dumped on her a few seconds after her being crowned. The glee club gets together to help fix Tina’s make-up and self esteem to make this the most special night of Tina’s high school life. Meanwhile, Santana gets a part in a commercial for a yeast infection prescription and now has a new girlfriend, played by Demi Lovato. Also, Rachel gets the news that she gets to play her dream role as Fanny Brice.

The third episode of this season was the most emotional, heart-breaking episode of Glee to date. It was the Cory Monteith memorial episode. It was closure for the fans, to say one last goodbye to the character of Finn Hudson, and the actor Cory Monteith. Most of the characters from the first season of Glee came back to share their thoughts and feelings on Finn. Sue shares her true, hidden feelings about Finn. The fans joined to share memories and mourn the death of Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson.

With the passing of Cory Monteith and other factors affecting the story line, as well as the actors and writers of the series, they have decided to bring the series to a close after completing their sixth season. As of now, we are three episodes into the fifth season, so I am sure we are still in for a few surprises and  lot of drama in these final two seasons. Ryan Murphy, one of the three main writers on Glee, initially planned to have the series end with a big moment between Rachel and Finn; however, now we are in for a turn in the story line and hopefully an exciting season.

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Miley Cyrus vs Justin Bieber

Shelby Campbell, Staff Writer

The year is 2013. The curtain is opening and out emerges a thin young woman with short pigtails and a fuzzy leotard. She struts across the stage as giant stuffed bears prance around her and thus the performance begins…


“We can’t stop, we won’t stop,” sings 20 year-old Miley Cyrus. And not stopping is exactly right. The ex-Hannah Montana star has made her point by far, first with the new cropped hair and later with a brand-new stage persona. But, how different is she really?

Isn’t the well-known Justin Bieber on almost the same exact page?


At first glance, Bieber seems to have nothing against Cyrus. He has recently found himself out as the limelight just as Cyrus made her way back in. But, as you look deeper, it’s difficult to gainsay that Bieber’s wrong-doings are just as bad as those of Miley Cyrus.


Cyrus began as a young thirteen year-old girl who loved to sing and act. But, as time progressed, she began the experimentation of a teenager; her very first slip up being the Teen Choice awards of 2009. She terrified tons of her fans with her somewhat racy performance of “Party in the USA” that year, and this became the event that changed the way people viewed her. More time progresses and Cyrus takes another risk with drug use and once again changes the way American minds viewed her. Eventually, Cyrus fell off. She had a period of time in which she was not heard from. That is, until the release of her hit single “We Can’t Stop”. This was the game changer. From that moment on, the world saw Miley Cyrus in a different way, a different light. She still continues to surprise the world, much like she did with her 2013 VMA performance with Robin Thicke and her break up with Liam Hemsworth.  Not to mention, the controversial music video for her second single, “Wrecking Ball” awed audiences all over the world. There is no telling when Cyrus will finally stop, and it does not appear to be coming anytime soon.


Justin Bieber’s story is not much different in how people have changed their minds about him. In fact, they are almost the same. When the world came to know the young and talented Justin Bieber, he was a humble 15 year-old boy with a strong passion and love for the stage. It came naturally to him, and, although many may deny it, it is something all came to admire. “I’m just a kid from a small town in Canada,” Bieber quotes in various interviews. And that was true, at the time. He was still a silly child who loved to sing and dance and just have fun; there wasn’t much more to it than that. But then the fame got to his head, he became something he’d sworn would never occur. And then he started using himself to the world fame and fortune. Most of the trouble began with the long-term relationship with Disney star Selena Gomez. Gomez did not in anyway corrupt Bieber, but he did seem to lose the humble persona he had worked so hard to create. Beginning with the renting-out of the Staple Center for a date for two, Bieber fell seemingly head-over-heels in love with his girlfriend as well as with the power of his ego. In 2012, he received a Fisker Karma, a $100,000+ car for his eighteenth birthday, and had it chromed. The chroming of his car proves pointless because it is next to illegal to drive a car that can reflect that much light in day. In addition to his irrational purchases, Bieber’s personality has gone from a sweet and talented teen to an egotistical and irrational juvenile. In January of 2013, Bieber was caught in drug use, in July of the same year he allegedly spit on a fan, and in the past month released the song “Lolly” with Maejor Ali and Juicy J., a song that does not appropriately fit the age group of his fans. As his irrational choices continue to pile up, so does the proof and thus, his following dwindles.


So, why does Miley Cyrus receive more ridicule for what she does than Justin Bieber? The answer is simple and all the same unfortunate. This is largely in part to gender roles in our society.  Cyrus is female as Bieber is respectively male, therefore, it is easier for him to get away with his actions. That is not to say that Bieber gets away scott-free, but it will be eaiser for him to escape with praise from his fellow males as poor Cyrus is forced to deal with the constant hatred from teens and adults alike across America.

The Most Popular TV Shows

by Stephanie Nehme
Staff Writer

Big Bang Theory characters (L-R) Sheldon, Penny and Leonard.

As a part of the 21st Century, teens (or as I should say, the majority of the adolescent population) are absorbed by mainstream television shows that encompass a wide range of genres (most notably comedy). In the representative sample, I asked 30 ESHS students what their favorite television show is, and 25 responded. Of those 25 responses, the two most beloved shows are: The Big Bang Theory (airs every Thursday night on CBS) and  How I Met Your Mother (airs every Monday night on CBS).

The Big Bang Theory is a favorite of mine as well. The show centers around four nerds: Sheldon Cooper ( Jim Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki – also notable for playing David Healy in the 80s-90s sitcom Roseanne), Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar). In this beloved series, Sheldon and Leonard, both roommates, are physicists at the public Ivy League of the West, CalTech. Sheldon’s high IQ and absurd catchphrases, such as the notorious “Bazinga”, have marked as more intelligent than Albert Einstein himself; his wry and sardonic sense of humor is appreciated by El Segundo High students as well as Americans across the nation. This show is not completely inundated with contorted and seemly insinuated innuendos about quantum physics, but the humor also lies in the fact that these nerds (with the exception of Sheldon) are on the chase for love. Leonard, being the only true sociable nerd, maintained a relationship with his neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco) – although it was on and off. Raj, is the man who can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. He can only converse with woman when he is intoxicated. Sad and pathetic, but true and humorous. He cannot even look women in the eye without whiskering away and hiding behind his ego- or lack thereof. Howard, since day one, is on the prowl for his ultimate lady friend (and does find one, but let’s not spoil it for those who haven’t progressed so far in the series) and is constantly the center of the joke amongst his friends; and yet his ego falters since he, the casanova, lives with his protective mother – and yet this doesn’t stop Howard from chasing the lovable Penny. Kaley Cuoco plays the stereotypical blonde, also an aspiring actress who emigrated from Nebraska in the search of her “big break”.

As one ESHS student mentions, “The Big Bang Theory…incorporates science in an enjoyable manner” even for those who, well, aren’t exactly scientifically inclined in any aspect. It is enjoyable because of the eccentric humor and ingenuity; no offense to any science teachers across the nation, but sitting behind a desk isn’t exactly the most stimulating situation. Furthermore, with cynical and sadistic commentary, The Big Bang Theory is a most beloved television series, not only because of its longevity on the CBS network, but because of the actors and actresses playing, or I should say being their characters, and also because of the underlying humor that is deemed so personal that not only El Segundo teens, but people across the globe can relate to it.


The cast of How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother, sharing the same network as The Big Bang Theory is synonymous in the sense that this show is also known for it’s humor, however not in the same way. How I Met Your Mother, running for eight seasons, will be soon wrapping up it’s fame and fortune; the cast of How I Met Your Mother has signed up for a ninth and final season of the proclaimed eccentric series. The show centers around five friends and their romantic lives: Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) and the notorious Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris). The series begins with Ted (voiced by Bob Saget)  telling his son and daughter the stories that led up to him meeting their mother. It’s interesting and nostalgic to think that once the series is over, after nine humorous seasons, fans across the globe will find out the truth behind, well, “how he met their mother”. Although this batch of top-of-the-notch Hollywood actors and actresses aren’t the lovable nerds that The Big Bang Theory showcases, the comedy and eccentricity of the show as an entity proves that once the series ends, the entire How I Met Your Mother fanbase will be in a state of mourning.

Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost Review

by Jocelyn Suarez
Staff Writer

   What do Jack Frost, Santa, the Sandman, and the Toothfairy have in common? They’re all guardians of course! In the new animated movie by Dreamworks, Rise of the Guardians, guardians are assigned to protect the children of the world. These guardians are chosen by the man on the moon, an elusive and mysterious character who only the Guardians can hear.The movie’s protagonist, Jack Frost, is a man who brings the snow and winter to the world, to let kids have snow days and have fun. Sometimes the children can even get a rare glimpse at all the guardians, if they believe, but unfortunately Jack is seen by anyone because he is not believed in. Soon a powerful enemy, Pitch Black, comes to terrorize children and infect their dreams with nightmares. The movie centers around the conflict with Pitch Black and the guardians, and whether Jack wants to become a guardian or not.

     The animation in the film is flawless, from the second the film appears, you fully melt in the animation. Notice how you can see the very fine wrinkles on Jack’s face, or the way clothing fits the characters. It is all so natural, it seems close to being realistic, if anything, in proportion. The characters appearance can show a lot about their personality, notice Jack’s hoodie and jeans. It tells how he’s a reckless teenager who just wants everyone to have fun and happiness. North (Santa Claus) is not just the jolly red suited man from the tales, but a protector of children with a thick Russian accent, with Russian swords. Tooth fairy’s feather show her vibrant and giddy personality, along with her tooth babies. Easter bunny’s Australian look and accent seems to show that he’s a tough bunny that doesn’t care what others think, it also shows his big ego, but his big heart too. Sandman, can’t talk, his entire clothing is made of dreams, and he talks with the images he creates with his dream sand. He’s short and pudgy and seems to be the calm but fierce one of the group.

This movie is wonderful for all ages, that’s why it’s rated PG, and it’s just wonderful to see with family or friends. It’s fun and it engenders a mix of emotions from sad, to despair, to happiness. The film seems to evoke the stories of the guardians from when we were little, and it has a nice spin on the tales too. I highly recommend seeing the movie, it’s truly a wonderful film to see anytime.

Movie Review: Lincoln (2012)

By Amita Chauhan
Staff Writer

Set in January 1865, the biopic Lincoln focuses of the last months of the Civil War and Lincoln’s hasty rally for support to banish slavery. With the end of the war nearing, Lincoln (Day-Lewis) wants to pass the 13th Amendment to ensure that once the seceded states rejoin the Union, slavery is nonexistent. This seemingly rash decision faces backlash from the House of Representatives and even Lincoln’s own Cabinet. Nonetheless, Lincoln begins his campaign to garner Democratic votes for the Amendment.
Secretary of the State, William Seward (Strathairn), begins bribing “lame ducks,” Democrats who had lost their seat in the next term, federal jobs in return for a “yay” vote for the 13th Amendment. Votes are slowly bought, but not enough to depict equal Democratic approval for the Amendment. Debates take to the floor and Republican Thaddeus Stevens continuously clashes with Democrats George Pendleton (McRobbie) and Fernando Wood (Pace). Eventually, Stevens acquiesces to Republican pressure changes his views from equality for all races to solely abolition of slavery. This less intimidating stance of the Republicans results in barely enough votes from both parties to pass the amendment.
Though primarily centered on passing the 13th Amendment, the movie also focuses on Lincoln’s troubled life at home. Despite his advocacy for the war, Lincoln doesn’t want his son, Robert (Gordon-Levitt), to fight. He wants Robert to complete his studies of British mercantile law at Harvard instead of sacrificing himself for the Union. Mary Todd (Fields) urges Lincoln to stop their son, still grieving over Willie, the son they lost during the first presidential term.
Also, the film depicts Mary Todd’s mercurial behavior hinders Lincoln’s political progression towards abolishing slavery. At White House gatherings, she taunts the representatives who didn’t support the President. However, behind closed doors, she bickered endlessly with Lincoln and provoked him to send her to an insane asylum. Despite his bitter relationships, Lincoln portrayed the endearing father-son relationship the President had with his last son, Tad. Lincoln relieves himself of the pressures of Congress and family by spending time with Tad.
Lincoln not only captures the many faces of one of America’s most progressive and tolerant presidents, but draws parallels much of contemporary government. Just as Republicans and Democrats feuded on Capitol Hill 147 years ago, they still coexist in gridlock today. Compromise is the only solution to our political conflicts. By gradually appeasing both sides, Democrats and Republicans can come to a consensus, resulting in the progression of the nation.