by Paulette Mumar, Staff Writer and Brenda Leon, Cartoonist

Finally, finals are over, hopefully all of you have crossed one of the hardest bridges to cross over this year. But are you still feeling stressed out? Maybe you need to stop your activity and slow down and just breathe slowly, take time to exhale and inhale. It is fine to take a break, overworking yourself might be beneficial to your grades at the moment, but definitely not to your health. Overworking yourself leads to stress in many levels. Stress is pressure or tension emotionally and or mentally resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Overworking the body may result in changing regular circumstances in your body. Blood pressure increases, breathing becomes faster, digestive system slows down, pulse increases, efficiency of the immune system slows down, tensing of muscles, and sleep becomes harder to achieve. To prevent stress, try to exercise at least twice or thrice a week; divide your responsibilities and labor, share and work with someone or do one at a time to create less pressure to yourself; consume less caffeine, high caffeine drinks or food will only provide a quick time of boosted energy and will actually slow you down; take time and relax, have fun and enjoy life with friends and family; and seek for help in anything you struggle with, it will never hurt to ask. Stay healthy, happy and strong! We are only half way through the school year! Keep fighting!

Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall

Paulette Mumar, Staff Writter

Time to hide your high-waisted shorts, floral dresses, and your see-through, bright, and lively colored tops. Now it is time for your comfy jackets, warm scarves, and lovely cardigans to shine! This time of the year, as I like to call it the”bipolar season,” can be really tricky regarding your outfits. It is not exactly cold enough to wear our winter clothes, but not hot enough to still wear summer clothes either, so picking outfits can be a burden sometimes. You definitely want to keep in mind that you always want to choose outfits that will be comfortable throughout the day (This is a fashion policy!). So in this “bipolar weather” I recommend you, always bring a jacket with you in case it gets cold.

Skip the highlighter colors for pieces, and go for darker tone colors, such as maroon, olive green, grey, burgundy, dark blue, eggplant color and tan for prints. Stripes will always be in season and you can go bold with camouflage print, and darker tone plaids for your bottoms or other pieces. Cardigans are perfect for fall, they’re not so heavy and hot, that they will make you sweat. They will cover just enough to warm your body. They’re perfect for the cold, foggy mornings and hot, sunny afternoon. Knit sweaters and cardigans are also a must have for fall they are the comfiest things ever!

Fall is all about layering! Layer your denim shirt with a cardigan, with olive green jackets and add an infinity scarf with maroon jeans and combat boots or Toms. Layer all you want! And when it gets too hot, you’ve got the option to strip all those layers, and bam! Remember, whatever season it is, stay true to yourself, you only dress for yourself, and no one else!


Girls’ Tennis

by Paulette Mumar, Maggie Mumar, & Sunny Sun, Staff Writers

  Coach Kirby Onaga: Who’s you’re all time favorite tennis player? Why? “Myself. Just kidding. It’s hard for me to say that since I’ve been around tennis for so long and I have seen many marvelous players. Currently, my  favorite professional tennis player is Nadal.” How many years have you been coaching here in ESHS? “In 1999, I was hired as the JV coach. Unfortunately the head coach broke her leg, so I just inherit the position and been here ever since.”   What are some of the tennis memories you have here in ESHS? “One time, the coach of the opponent team got in an argument with me, because I asked her some questions that my players brought to my attention. In response, she dramatically bashed about my ways of coaching and the players on the team.” What do you like about the team? “The main part is that they try to excel in their academic life and they understand that tennis is an individual sport.” What do you guys do to keep in shape and on top of your game? What is practice like? “We need conditioning, repetition, and technique to be in shape and on top of our game. We try to do all three, because they always go hand in hand.” You have a lot of seniors this year. How are they like now than they were when they were freshmen? “They’re the same. They grew two inches and twenty pounds. I think they understand my sense of humor, whether I’m joking or not, because I’m joking 90 percent of the time.” Sarah Canzano: You’re a senior now. How different is the tennis team this year than your freshmen year? “Well, freshman year I was on the JV team, it’s different because of its level of difficulty. This year the team is more melded together as a family more than it was my freshman year and the energy is really up this year.” What are your goals this year in tennis? “This year we would like to take league away from south, and do our best in CIF.” Tell us some crazy tennis team stories? “One year in league we were so hungry, so we secretly took the other team’s food.” Being the captain of the tennis team, how difficult is it? “The hardest time was when things are coming up to crunch time and when you really have to get down to it but I really think it pays off at the end and the girls are really appreciative. All the hard work and time I put in is really worth it. ” Kristen Virkler: How do you feel in Varsity? “I feel honored and glad to be around the upper classmen. It is a very humbling experience.”   Crazy memories? “The bus rides are so much fun when we sing our heart out and roll down the window to sing we are the champion.”   How is it different playing in a team that in junior tennis? “It’s different because you are by yourself and you have to be your own support but now we have the own team to support you since we are a family.”   Next years goal? “BEAT SOUTH! Bianca and go out all the way, win CIF. I’m going to miss the seniors, I’m not really sure what next year will be like; they mean so much to me.”