Coachella 2014

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, otherwise known as simply Coachella, was held for the second and third weekend in April this year for its 15th year. The festival, containing popular acts such as Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey also included more rock rooted musicians with Social Distortion and AFI. One of the most top grossing festivals in the nation, Coachella is a festival rooted in celebration of music and art. Coachella initially started in 1999 in Indio, California where it is still held today. Although the dates have changed, originally from only two days now to two weekends, coachella is still a festival that has kept to its founding roots. The festival still gives to over five charities with its royalties, and allows camping on the grounds. With several amenities included, Coachella’s camping site is one of the best in the country. Many of ESHS’ alumni have gone to Coachella 2014 this year and in the past, as Ariana Rassouli said, “My life has been changed forever! Just kidding, but it was SO sick. All of the bands were amazing: Skrillex, Lana del Rey, Bastille, Girl Talk, Outkast….AH! So Awesome!”

Coachella 1

Each year, as Coachella’s reach and lineup expand, the tents get packed faster and with more people. This year Coachella sold out each of their tickets and with each ticket priced at $349, their gross amount is astronomical. Yet, Coachella passes are definitely well worth the cost as each year Coachella out does itself. With the amazing architectural designs from the country’s finest sculptors and artists, the venue amazes its people with great masterpieces such as the “Lightweaver” by Stereo-bot and “Cryochrome” by James Peterson, the art of the festival is always magnificent. From 2013’s near hologram of Tupac, to this years amazing lineup and range of musicians, Coachella will always be a great festival to remember.


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They Caught the Light

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Churches, symbolic spelling CHVRCHES, is an emerging indie soft rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Now known for their single “The Mother We Share”, their album The Bones of What you Believe is their first studio debut album. The trio was born on the internet and now has emerged gorgeously with a new synth sound that illustrates Lauren Mayberry’s haunting vocals, Iain Cook as guitar, bass, and backup gritty vocals, and Martin Doherty as backup vocals. As they all work with their synthesizers and produce a their original indie synth sound, their album has reached the top 20 albums in the US on iTunes with their spot at number 12 as of last year.

  With CHVRCHES haunting euphoric sound, they have played at countless shows and festivals like SXSW with known bands such as Passion Pit and Depeche Mode. With selling out shows, new tours, and countless appearances, CHVRCHES has gone from an anonymous face with gorgeous sound to a known trio that is on the rise to stardom. Mayberry’s lyrical sound is abstract yet profound with its messages and beauty such as “I will sell you a future you don’t want” from their tenth track, “Lungs”. All of the album is full of gorgeous light sound that seems to illuminate the beauty of the lyrics and its artistic style. CHVRCHES is a new star on the indie rock map, that will rise to shine in their coming musical career.

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Honor to Gambino

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Donald Glover, is a man with many faces. To music fans, he is the rapper Childish Gambino and the DJ Poindexter. To the comedy audience he is Troy Barnes and also writes for the show 30 Rock. With two albums under Childish Gambino that have been hits across the United States. As senior Marcos Corrales stated,  “Childish Gambino gives an exciting sound. He demonstrates the whole package. From acting to songwriting to producing, he’s a one-man show.”

Childish Gambino’s first album, Camp, was a debut for his rapping career that worked incredibly well. His freshman album consisted of themes about his personal life and his younger self as well as emotions and the struggles of his life. The single “Heartbeat,” a techno, sultry, experimental song, was a diamond among the gorgeous silk of the rest of the album that was consisted of rap, and narrative. A wonderful and exciting start to his musical career.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

As of December 10th, of last year, Because the Internet has gained following through social media and word of mouth. It can be said that because of the internet, Because the Internet has gained so much attention. The songs in Gambino’s sophomore album are definitely orchestrated differently than Camp, as the rapping is followed with smoother tones. The format to the album is also different as the songs are categorized into what can be described as scenes and acts. With some separated by melodies that vary in length from 5 seconds to 54 seconds long. The single of this album has been “V3005,” which, like “Heartbeat,” also has an electric sound but with less bass. Because the Internet explores many themes and subjects as well as sounds and lyrical representation. Through Gambino’s stellar rap performances to his features with Jhene Aiko, Lloyd, Chance the Rapper, Andrew Auernheimer, and Azealia Banks (AKA Banks), Gambino gives a firm representation of how his music has grown. Gambino is a force that seems to not stop with his Deep Web tour of the UK and now the United States, he also continues to act and pursue comedy although not as a hindrance to his musical career. With such a range in sound and style, Gambino’s hopeful third album, will definitely be of magnificence.

Childish Gambino – 3005

Why are teacher relationships important?

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Lets face it, students don’t see their teachers as their friends. Its not that they are the enemy per say, but when somebody has the judgement of your future in their hands, its daunting. So when parents or counselors tell students to build a better relationship with their teachers, its a roadblock. The mentality is this: why should I build a relationship with somebody forcing me to learn? Its a tough mentality to break down. As college applications rear their ugly heads, and letters of recommendation spring like flowers mouse traps, students sometimes realize that they do actually like some of their teachers, and some also understand that even though they are trusting their teacher to speak of them to their dream school or just a potential place of getting away from parents, some students don’t know the first thing about their teachers. Like, where they went to school or how they even became a teacher and why they chose to torture themselves with crazy amounts of work for little pay and putting up with rowdy kids. This gap, or “disconnect” is seen many times throughout the year, when teachers are working at their computers and nobody talks to them till the end of the period, or when its 6th period and you’re still packing your things and you awkwardly pack in silence not speaking to the teacher. Granted, not everybody wants to know these things about their teacher, some just don’t want to know the biographies of their English teacher that won’t stop talking about characterization and how it pertains to the theme. Yet, there is a hidden incentive in the process of asking these semi out of place, but important, questions.

   The meat of those big questions, like “why did you become a teacher” usually tells about how the path you take in life might be different from what you planned, or might be exactly what you always wanted. Those answers sometimes have life lessons that teachers sometimes forget to teach in the classroom. The value that those questions hold is limitless. Teachers are born, not made, and teachers actually want you to understand the world, some just forget how to teach that. Questions that ask about the teachers themselves, usually have the answers to life questions inside them. Like the beloved Mr. Miyagi, most teachers encompass that spirit to teach not just the material, but virtues and morals as well. No matter how saccharine it sounds, developing a better relationship with your teacher doesn’t just help with college applications, it helps with learning about life itself. Not to mention the crazy stories you get out of it.

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Basic Vacation

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Basic Vacation, a trio of boys from New York City, have hit the ground running with their debut self titled EP. With only 5 songs this mashup of men have created a fresh sound of happy go-lucky lyrics and alternative pop rock with just enough synthesizer to feel the electro in the songs. This electrifying pop-rock has captivated many with “I Believe” and “Jamie”. The album, released from the famous Capitol Records, is just a taste of what this band can become.The band is formed by Chris Greatti, Vocalist/Guitarist, bassist John Paul, and drummer Mike Montalbano. The three, from separate states, formed a strong friendship when Chris (from PA) met Jon (from FL) and Mike (from NJ) was asked to join. The three bonded over their musical roots, from bands such as Led Zeppelin and Queen, to bands that share their genre like The Killers and Foster the People. While taking inspiration from 80’s New Wave, Classic Rock, and Alternative pop- rock, Basic Vacation has actually popped onto the scene. No surprise with help from a wonderful producer, Grammy-nominated Machine and Jon Kaplan. The EP was recorded with David Kahne, and for all the lyric lovers out there, each song is written by Chris Greatti with others from the band and outside as well.

    Basic Vacation is scheduled for a much anticipated full length album the soon approaching 2014 year, and will be in Los Angeles January 27th at The Satellite. Tickets on their website: Also, if you check on itunes each song is only 69 cents for December!

Basic Vacation – I Believe (Audio)

Who Killed Laura Palmer?

Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

           If you’ve been on the radio in the past year, you’ve heard Bastille’s single: “Pompeii.” Bastille is definitely one of 2013’s hot new bands, hailing from London, England. Pronounced Ba-Still, the band is composed of Daniel Smith, Chris Wood, William Farquarson, and Kyle Simmons. Bastille, known as BΔSTILLE is named after Bastille Day, an English holiday celebrated on Dan Smith’s birthday: July 14th. The band fuses contemporary indie rock with singer songwriter qualities that bring a fusion of pop, indie, and delicate yet strong vocals. Their debut album, Bad Blood has great pop singles like “Pompeii” and “Things We Lost In the Fire” with wonderful indie rock such as Icarus and Bad Blood. Bands such as Holy Fire and The Vaccines are similar and share the indie rock genre but no other can quite replicate the unique sound Bastille has created through their use of synth, vocals, and guitars.

          One of the taglines for the bands is “I Killed Laura Palmer,” a reference to the song Laura Palmer off the Bad Blood album which is a reference to the 90’s TV show Twin Peaks. Bad Blood, released September 3rd of this year ,was recently released in an extended version with remixes by RAC, Tyde, and Distance. Bastille’s album is on iTunes for $7.99 and the remix EP for the same price. Six music videos have been released by Bastille, all from Bad Blood. “Pompeii,” “Flaws,” “Thing We Lost In the Fire,” “Overjoyed”, “Bad Blood” and “Laura Palmer” were all released in 2013. The band is under Virgin Records and all songs off the Bad Blood album are written by Mr. Smith himself. They were on the main stage for the iTunes Festival this year and have gained such popularity this year that it almost seems they came out of nowhere. First gaining popularity in the U.K., crossing over into the alternative stream and then popping into the pop music scene only months later. All in all, if its fun, contemporary, thoughtful, original music then Bastille is a great band for you.


Bastille – Pompeii

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Byrd

By Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer


For the month of October, El Segundo High chose Ms. Byrd as Teacher of the Month. Ms. Byrd teaches Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology. Born in San Angelo, Texas, Ms. Byrd was able to have an interview with The Bay Eagle.


Q:  How do you feel on being chosen for Teacher of the Month?

I am delighted and honored.


Q: What did you want to be as a kid growing up?

A tennis coach but after I was a tennis coach for three years, I realized that it was not for me.


Q: What interested you in teaching science, and the specifics of biology?

I have always enjoyed being skeptical, inquisitive, and analytical which are skills that a biologist needs. As for teaching, I absolutely love the process of learning. Watching young people grow is a passion of mine. It is challenging and exciting to be a part of their learning process.


Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a teacher?

I enjoy having a student four years of high school because I get to see the progress and growth of a student throughout his or her high school career. I have been fortunate to have about four of these type of students. They had me as a freshman in Bio. 1, APES as a sophomore, AP Bio as a junior, and a Teacher Assistant as a senior.


Q: Where did you attend your higher education?

In TX. Angelo State University

Q: How was school different in your time from our generation?

Not very much. There is more technology and the students at ESHS are much nicer than I remember students being in my high school


Q: A favorite story you have in your teaching years?

I have many favorite stories. It is really difficult to pick one but they all have one common theme. I love it when my former AP Biology students graduate from high school and volunteer to come back to assist me with putting together labs or helping my students with tutoring or help out on lab days. I get really sad when students have to graduate and leave the classroom but when they come back to participate again, I am thrilled.