Grammy Awards 2014

The 56th Grammy Awards had musicians for every taste, from Beyonce to Lorde to Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar to the reunification of the Beatles. Beyonce opened the show with a very feminine performance and she performed with her husband Jay-Z which is a performance that cannot be matched. Lorde was….Lorde. She had an amazing and unique voice as usual but her stage presence was… Interesting. Katy Perry had a sort of scary performance, but as usual it was enjoyable. Pink, who seems to have a double profession as a singer and an aerial artist, gave her acrobatic performance above the audience, and then out performed Nate Ruess in their duet of “Just Give Me a Reason”. Taylor Swift swifted back to her good ol’ country self with intense head nods. Imagine Dragons delivered a greatly intense performance with Kendrick Lamar, I can’t even describe how intense and great it was. Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams surprised the audience with Stevie Wonder as part of their performance. It was a great collaboration.

All in all, the awards and nominations were well deserved.

Lorde performing 'Royals' at The Grammy's 2014

Taylor Swift performing 'All Too Well' at The Grammy's 2014 HD

Katy Perry & Juicy J – 'Dark Horse' performance Grammy 2014 Performance

Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar performing – 'm.a.a.d City' & 'Radioactive' at The Grammy's 2014 HD


K△ty Perry: PRISM

Katy Perry released her newest album “Prism” in October 2013. The album is like dance pop music. It is definitely a brighter sound and less edgy and more dance pop than Katy Perry’s normal sound. The singles on the album are “Roar,” “Unconditionally” and “Dark Horse”.

“Roar” is an upbeat song about finding your inner voice. In her music video, she conveys this by being a hopeless girl stranded in the jungle who eventually conquers the wilderness.

“Unconditionally” is about unconditional love in any form, even like motherly love. It has an emotional tone. This song has a sort of transcendent beat to it, the kind that is in those intense moments in action movies.

“Dark Horse” features rapper Juicy J. It definitely has a nice hip hop beat to it. The feel of the song is indeed “dark” as intended by the title. But it still keeps Katy Perry’s signature pop sound.

Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

Katy Perry – Unconditionally (Official)

What is the PSAT? What’s it for if it doesn’t count for admissions?

PSAT: What’s it for if it doesn’t count for admissions?

What is the PSAT?

The Preliminary SAT that tests, math (very minimally up to Algebra 2), critical reading, vocabulary, and grammar. The test is 2 hours and 10 minutes long.

Why is the PSAT important?

The PSAT is a way of gaging how you will do on the SAT. It is mere practice and does not count for admissions into colleges. The College Board will even give you feedback on what you should work on for the SAT.

Why should you take the PSAT?

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation. By taking the PSAT as an 11th grader, you are entered into a scholarship competition with other students around the country taking the PSAT for 9,200 scholarships. To receive scholarships you have to score high on the PSAT, have high academic performance, and take the SAT and get scores that match up with your PSAT score. The scholarships offered are private or from colleges themselves.

What is NMSQT?

National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

How should you prepare?

There is a practice booklet within the PSAT packet you bought and there are tips on how to approach PSAT questions. Also there is online practice at:



Why even get a postsecondary education?

By Folasade Bamimore, Staff Writer

Well there certainly are clear answers: Job security and salary.

“The more education you get the more likely it is you will always have a job” (“Why Go to College?” ). In college you are opened to various internships and networking opportunities that can further you in your career. As you gain more degrees throughout your life, even if you don’t get a job immediately out of college, once your are able to get a job, the opportunities will not stop, because you have a sought after degree.

Post-secondary education is particularly important for getting a well paying job. Unless you know for sure you will be the next Steve Jobs, it’s best for you to go through the traditional degree system to get to a sufficient level of a career to earn a good salary.

However, going to college gives you experiences that you cannot earn any other way and that you will treasure for a life time. For example, there are a myriad of clubs and sports in colleges such as: Happiness Club, Acapella Club, Jiu Jitsu Club Sport, Fraternities, Sororities, Archery Club, Art of Living Club, Cheese Club, Ballroom Dance Club, Crew Club Sport, Yoga Club, Model UN club, Gaming Card Club, Billiard Club Sport, Outdoor Adventure Club, the list is endless. Additionally, in college you will meet people who will become your lifelong friends, through all these different activities, classes, sports, dorms, and other social events. With college you also get the chance to grow as an individual, by finding yourself in your own freedom.

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DE-Evolution of Miley Cyrus

By Folasade Bamimore, Staff Writer

Destiny Hope, Smiley Miley, Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus: different names for the same person right? Well not exactly, because there have been some major identity changes with each name, coming a new persona, a new side of her. Some call what she has become today, growth, but is it really? But it’s not  necessary to grow in the direction that she has now. There are less flamboyant paths to take, when sharing self-discovery with the world.


Destiny Hope- Born November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee. Daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and mother and current manager, Tish Cyrus. Has three half-siblings, and two siblings.


Smiley Miley- So how did the name Miley come from Destiny? Well, as a child, Destiny would smile a lot, so her family came up with calling her “Smiley”, but then it was eventually cut off to Miley, which has obviously stuck.

Miley grew up on a farm with her family. She was raised a Baptist Christian. She was a competitive cheerleader.


Miley Stewart- Miley began her role as Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana in 2006.


Hannah Montana- This is where it all started. The moment when virtually every young girl in the world, including me, became a die-hard fan of hers. It was the hilarious show, the music, the quirky personality, the Southern twang.

Miley Cyrus- After establishing herself as Hannah Montana, in 2007 Miley decided to make music, still with Disney, but  under her real name, and a different image. With her fans there began this debate of: “who do you like better, Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?” (I always chose Miley Cyrus).

In 2008, her self-image started to go downhill after she took inappropriate pictures of herself and when her near nude self made the cover of Vanity Fair magazine at the age of 15. However, despite this she still remained very popular for her music.


In 2009, she released her single, “Party in the USA” which became very popular, but at the time also raised some new thoughts about Miley, especially her Kids’ Choice Awards performance,  In retrospect, however, it is nothing compared to her behavior today.

In 2010, she was starred in the heartwarming, The Last Song, where she wanted to expand her fan base to older audiences. Also in 2010, she came out with “Can’t Be Tamed” which made some people begin to worry, but made more excited. “Can’t Be Tamed” seems to be the precursor to what she has become now.

 download (1)

Present-day Miley- First it was the hair, the new skimpy wardrobe, the substance use (which started earlier, but she did not make her use of it casual with the public until now), the partying, then new music, the music videos and the performances.

images (1)

Changing one’s self image and self identity is fine, but the way Miley chooses to do it does not show her own self-modesty. this is important because she has a little sister who is looking up to her, young fans, including teenagers. The least she can do is not flaunt her substance abuse. Sure, other celebrities do use and abuse substances, and they are not loud about it because they know it is not good for health at all, or a good example. There is more to life, and more to “coolness” than relying on substances to make one happy.

And yes, she does indeed have a talented singing voice, but she has taken advantage of it to portray vulgar messages.

The way in which she chooses to portray her music videos and the performances is unnecessary. Where is her self-respect, her self-worth? Would any of you like to have your sister, or cousin, friend, or future wife, or even daughter show herself to the world in this way? There are definitely cleaner ways of showing growing up, or portraying another message, where one does not need to expose their body, or show how much they are a fan of substance, or use vulgar language to do so.


Take Demi Lovato, for example, yes she has had her ups and downs (from a diagnosed mental illness, which is different from Miley’s case). She has gone through virtually the same exact upbringing as Miley. Raised in the South, started acting at a very young age, went through the Disney path, sang with Disney, and then stopped Disney. Now, she has created her own music the way that she wants (not being forced into the style) just like Miley. But the difference with Demi is that she has found a clean, full of integrity, self-respectful, means of showing her change into adulthood, and still allowing her music to be good and stay famous. And on top of that she keeps herself covered up. So that just shows how Miley’s exhibits are purely unnecessary to remain successful.


And for those of you who say, “but I can relate to Miley, and how she feels the need to change as she grows up”, is the way she changed necessary for everyone? Is it going to make you successful if you celebrate and imitate the way she has changed.

Is this the Miley Cyrus what you want to invest your money in?

Cool Tunes

“Team” by Lorde
LORDE – Team (Audio)

“Ways to Go” by Grouplove
Grouplove – "Ways to Go" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

“Counting Stars” by One Republic
OneRepublic – Counting Stars

“Demons” by Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons – Demons (Official Music Video)

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii
Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video)

“Pompeii” by Bastille
Bastille – Pompeii

“Mountain Sound” by Of Monsters and Men
Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

“Now” by Paramore
Paramore: Now [OFFICIAL VIDEO]