Spring Trends 2014

by Firdausi Sudarmadji, Staff Writer

Spring is right around the corner, which means warmer weather, but most importantly, new trends! This spring’s hot fashion trends are pastels, stripes, floral print, metallics, and denim! They are all over the spring 2014 runway and will be all over your closet soon!

First off, denim! Denim is always in season, but it has completely revamped itself this spring. From jackets to overalls to shoes- denim is taking over! Try out some overalls or a denim dress – so cute!


The runway is buzzing with pastel! From shoes to jackets to accessories, pastel is everywhere! A hint of pastel in your outfit will make it more adorable. Baby pink, light blue, and seafoam are going to be crazy this spring – don’t miss out!


Stripes are a staple this spring! A simple stripe on your outfit will make it 2x more chic! I love the nautical feel stripes add to your outfit. Big stripes, small stripes, or both, have your pick! Stripes


Find your inner rockstar and dive into liquid metal this spring! Metallics are being seen all over the spring 2014 runway! From shirts to pants to shoes to accessories, they’ll add a little shine to any outfit- night or day!



Flowers are the epitome of spring, but this year the beautiful blossoms have gone a whole new level! With different prints and a plethora of styles, you’re sure to find the blossom of your choice! Lovely!



Images provided by author’s Polyvore.

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