El Segundo Clinches League Title With Win Over Centennial

By Eric Chernick, Staff Writer

El Segundo’s Football Team stays undefeated in league play after an impressive win over Centennial High School.  El Segundo got off to a great start taking a quick 14-0 lead after Lars Nootbar scored a 5-yard rushing touchdown and then connected with Jamie Steward on a 60-yard touchdown pass.   However, Centennial fired back with a long touchdown pass of their own, then forced a safety and scored another touchdown, but due to a pair of missed extra points the game was only tied.  El Segundo then ended the half by driving down the field but settling for a field goal to take a 17-14 lead.

The second half started with El Segundo receiving the kickoff.  El Segundo drove down the field and Dathan Bailey finished off the drive with a 4-yard touchdown run.  The game then turned into a defensive battle as neither team scored in the remainder of the third quarter.  However,  with 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Centennial scored a touchdown to cut the lead down to 4.  Solid running by the duo of Dathan Bailey and Ryan Kelly helped El Segundo drive down the field, run down the clock, and come away with a field goal extending the lead to 7.  Centennial had two minutes left to try to steal the game from El Segundo.  Centennial started their drive well, converting three straight passes getting the ball to midfield.  However, that is where their luck would end, because Junior Joey Garza jumped the route of Centennial’s running back on the next play intercepting the ball and bringing it back for a touchdown, clinching the win.

This moved El Segundo to 4-0 in league and clinched the league title.  This means that El Segundo will probably have a home playoff game on November 15th.  Stay tuned for announcements to support your team in CIF playoffs.

Mr. Garza Resigns as Principal After a Long, Triumphant Run

Eric Chernick, Staff Writer

Mr. Garza ended his long-run as principal of El Segundo High School two weeks before the first day of school, when he accepted the promotion of assistant superintendant of Inglewood Unified School District.  Many teachers were shocked by the news of Mr. Garza departure, especially with the timing of the event.  However, no one can let the resignation of Mr. Garza get in the way of the vast accomplishments Mr. Garza helped El Segundo High School achieve.  While he was principal he had El Segundo High School recognized as a California Distinguished School three times, an award El Segundo never received before Garza’s arrival.  He also helped El Segundo High School become recognized as a top high school by both the Washington Post and Newsweek.  In addition to the academic accomplishments, he also oversaw the renovation of the high school that modernized the campus to the point where it has attracted many TV shows who want to film at our school.  Despite, no longer being the principal Mr. Garza still wants to make an impact on El Segundo High School.


You may have seen along the streets of El Segundo signs that say vote for Jim Garza for school board.  Mr. Garza wants to have a say with the schools even though he no longer is the principal.  Garza is now being called ‘the teachers choice’ for school board since he is the only candidate for school board being endorsed by the El Segundo Teachers’ Association.  On his website he says some of his goals include insuring “all decisions are based on the needs of the student first” as well as developing both a “unified K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) sequence” and a “unified K-12 fine arts and music program.”  This makes it evident that even after a long successful journey as principal that Mr. Garza still wants to do more to help El Segundo become an even better school.