DIY: Cheap Prom Outfit Ideas for Girls

by Christine Lim, Staff Writer

If you are still unsure of what you’re wearing to Prom, you are in the right place. If you already know what you’re wearing, you can still use these tips for next year’s Coro and Prom! I’m a person who loves fashion but also frugal. Those two characteristics of mine have given me the ability to create fashionable outfits cheaply. Fun fact: I’ve never worn a dress to a high school dance. I’ll tell you how I did that in this article.

First, you have to buy your Prom ticket. Then, you have to worry about corsages and boutonnieres. Then, you have to worry about transportation. That’s so much money you have to spend for just one night. Follow these tips to save some money on your outfit!

1) Have fashion basics.

a) Nude pumps will take you anywhere. You can wear nude pumps basically with anything, anytime. You’ll be able to use them for prom and a bunch of other events!

b) And I’m pretty sure that you already have make up.

2) Invest in a nice blouse or crop too.

You can tuck a blouse or wear a crop top with a skirt to imitate the top of a dress. You can choose a top with embellishments or lace to dress up the look.

3) Invest in a nice skirt (short or long).

Buy or look for a skirt, short or long, depending on what you want. The good thing about have a two piece outfit is that you can separate those two pieces and mix and match them with other pieces for other events. You will be able to experiment with different styles and colors.


4) Look through the jewelry that you already have.

See if you have any accessories that compliment your outfit before going out and buying.


5) Borrow stuff.

If you don’t any items that you want, or if you don’t want to spend money, then borrowing will be the best option. Surely a friend or relative will be willing to lend you some items. Just make sure to return them!


K-pop Korner Edition #2

by Christine Lim, Staff Writer

Welcome to the second installment of K-pop Korner. Today we will be diving into the world of B.A.P!

B.A.P debuted in South Korea in early 2012 with the fierce song “Warrior”. The group consists of the leader rapper Bang Yong Guk, vocalists Himchan, Daehyun, and Youngjae, the vocalist dancer Jongup, and the rapper dancer Zelo. B.A.P stands for Best Absolute Perfect. Just as their debut song “Warrior,” B.A.P is known for the fierce and strong hip hop image. Some of their powerful songs include “Power,” “No Mercy,” and “One Shot.” B.A.P’s discography not only includes powerful hip hop tracks, but also includes upbeat tracks such as “Crash” and “Stop It.” Another notable anomaly from their strong hip hop tracks is “Coffee Shop,” an unexpected song from B.A.P that features a soft, jazzy melody, but it is still a fantastic song.

But the main focus of today is B.A.P’s latest comeback, which includes their first full length album “First Sensibility!” Their promotional single is “1004 (Angel)!” This amazing song is also an anomaly to B.A.P’s fierce image. The song has a soft melody, yet an upbeat rhythm. Not any part of the song was boring to me. The soft intro, the upbeat rhythm of the first verse to the rap in the second verse, to the amazing chorus, the sad bridge, and to the strong ending. Now, the music video was intense, especially Himchan’s scenes. The song and video seem to be about a guy who is distressed because of the death of his girlfriend. Himchan’s character is so miserable that he threatens suicide. He points a gun to his reflection in the mirror while his reflection points the gun to his head.

I say that the vocals of Daehyun are notable in the song. But the dance duet of Zelo and Jongup is a must see!

South Korea airs several music programs, which feature artists and groups performing their songs and one group or soloist is awarded first place at the end of each installment. If you don’t believe that 1004 is an amazing song, just know that B.A.P won 3 of those music program first place awards in one week!

Other than the promotional single, a song that I particularly enjoy in the album is “Save Me.” It is an intense track; particularly notable in the song is Yongguk’s rapping. Part of this song is even featured in the music video of 1004.

Another song that I enjoy is “Bang x2,” Rather than hip hop, this song is more rock. It is reminiscent of J-pop. The song is quite different than the other songs in the album, but it is enjoyable.

If you are in need of a more upbeat song, look to “Lovesick” or a more of a ballad song, l recommend “With You.”


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What to Do with Your PSAT Results

  You’ve taken the PSAT, waited for the results, and now you’ve finally received your score. Hopefully you’ve actually looked at your results. First, look at your score. Don’t be scared, you probably did more than okay. Well, now what do you do?

    Now, you need to analyze your score. Determine what your weaknesses were and what your strengths were. Take the area of your weakness into consideration. Your score should show what types of questions you got wrong on the test. Now you should know what you need to work and improve on. This should help you to prepare for the actual SAT. You should still review all areas that are on the SAT: critical reading, math, and writing skills.

    You shouldn’t have to study hard core for the SAT. If you pay attention in your math and English classes and review SAT material little by little, you should do well on the test. Maybe you can do an SAT question a day. Make sure you are familiar with the types of questions on the SAT so that you will not have any big surprises when you actually take the real SAT.

    Not only should you pay attention to your studies to do well on the SAT, you should also take care of your physical body. You should actively eat well, sleep well, and exercise regularly. If you study while you are physically tired, you probably will not soak in any material. You need to make sure you have a sufficient amount of energy when you study and when you actually take the test.

    Following these suggestions will not necessarily guarantee you an amazing SAT score. It all depends on you. Find your own study routines. Whether it be getting a tutor, taking a class, or just using a guidebook. Find what works for you. Just do not slack off or only start preparing a few days before the test.

K-Pop Korner Edition #1

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of the Bay Eagle’s new segment K-Pop Korner! Here we will be informing you of what is new in the K-pop world, reviewing K-pop songs and albums, and maybe have occasional fan girling over K-pop guys here and there.

First of all, if you don’t know what k-pop is, it is Korean pop music. K-pop doesn’t necessarily encompass just the pop genre, but k-pop is filled with a variety of different kinds of genres! There are male groups, female groups, and solo singers who all express different styles in their music, dancing, and fashion. Even if you can’t understand Korean, you can still enjoy the melodies and rhythms of the songs, the voices, the dancing, the fashion, and the attractive people. (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the sea of beautiful people).

For this first edition, let’s talk about B1A4! B1A4 is a male band composed of 5 members: the leader Jinyoung, the vocalist/rapper CNU, the main vocalist Sandeul, the rapper Baro, and the vocalist Gongchan. B1A4 stands for “Be the one, all for one,” but also represents their blood types, since one member has blood type B while the other four have blood type A. These 5 guys debuted as B1A4 in Korea in 2011. They are known as the country idols because all their members originated from towns in the countryside of Korea. They have some mellow songs such as “Tried to Walk,” but B1A4 is known for their upbeat, cute, and quirky style, with songs such as “Beautiful Target,” “Baby Goodnight,” and “What’s Going On?”

Recently, B1A4 released their new album Who Am I with their single “Lonely” and its music video on January 13. What is notable about the album is that the leader Jinyoung composed the music and lyrics of the majority of the songs in the album. Even vocalist CNU composed and wrote lyrics for two of the songs in the album.

“Lonely” has a softer, sadder mood compared to their happier songs. Despite that, it is an amazing song (I may or may not be biased) that fits the winter season. Even the rapping of Baro is soft enough to fit the theme of the song. The dancing in the music video doesn’t seem complicated but it compliments the mood of the songs. In the music video, the girl literally keeps floating away like a balloon from Jinyoung and he keeps trying to tug her back down with a string. The floating away could represent the drifting feelings of the couple and that’s why the guy feels lonely.

Some of my favorites from their new album other than their promotional single are “Oh My God,” “Amazing,” “Too Much,” and “Road” (keep in mind that those titles were roughly translated into English from their original Korean titles, just in case you have difficulty trying to look them up later). “Oh My God” has a sweet guitar melody and soft yet strong vocals. “Amazing” just lifts your spirits and self esteem. I mean, they’re singing, “Cause you’re so amazing, my baby, you’re so amazing to me” in English! “Too Much” is a duet between Sandeul and Gongchan. This song has an even softer, sadder tone than “Lonely,” but is has really sweet vocals and a soft melody that fit the winter season. It may get to your feels. “Road” may be my favorite song from the album. It has a fun beat and lifts your spirits. Even if you can’t understand any of the lyrics, the song has the potential to make you feel motivated to reach the end of the road you need to go down.

B1A4 – Lonely (없구나) (Full ver.)

The Pros and Cons of Being Short

by Christine Lim and Mona Narumi, Staff Writers

The Short Side of Being Short

There are definitely some disadvantages of having a phenotype of short stature. Here are some examples:

1. It’s hard to see what’s written on the board when a person sitting in front of you is tall (and it doesn’t help when they decide to put their hair in a high bun).

6. You can’t reach something on a high shelf.

2. You attempt to wave to someone in the hallway, but they don’t see you because you are underneath their line of vision.

3. Someone tries to look for you in a crowd of people, but they can’t see you because everyone else towers over you.

4. Short people tell you that you make them feel better because you are even shorter than them.

5. You have to walk at a faster pace because your tiny legs have a short stride and you have to keep up with the people who have longer legs and longer strides.

6. You get mistaken for being 11 years old when you’re actually 16 years old.

The Perks of Being “Fun-Sized”

As there are disadvantages of being short, there are definitely advantages of being short. For people who belong in the ’5’4 and under’ category, no fear! Instead of considering yourself as short, think it more like you’re…fun sized. And for the people who think we aren’t up for the challenge, here are some reasons why you would want to be us.

1. Who doesn’t want to be called fun?

2. It’s bubbly and energetic sounding.

3. You can fall asleep on the couch without having your legs dangle off the arms!

4. You see things from a different perspective.

5. You don’t have to write on the board because you “can’t reach.”

6. You can go get funnel cake instead of riding the scary roller coaster because you’re      apparently  “too short” to go on.

7. You can crash a picture of a club that you never go to, because they can’t see you in the back.

8. You can entice other people to do your bidding by using your cuteness.

9. You can actually fit underneath the table during an earthquake (drill).

10. You can easily get piggy-back rides from others.

11. If you love hugs, you get hugs from people everyday because they think you’re adorable.

12. You can pass as a child so you get children’s discounts at restaurants and theaters.


Although being fun sized also has it’s disadvantages, it is more important to focus on the positive side of our height and use it to help define your own personal identity.

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Senior Spotlight: Kami Nomura

by Christine Lim,  Staff Writer


   Who’s that girl, who’s that girl? It’s Kami! Kami Nomura! You don’t know her? Well, you should! This girl is filled with fun and cute quirkiness. You just can’t not like her. She has a knack for brightening up anyone’s day through her cheerful personality, and she can crack you up with her stories. She uses her playfulness to her advantage. She may be the most cheerful and adorable friend you can have on campus. Many people must know that because, not only has Kami been nominated for Homecoming Princess of 2013, she also won that title.

    Not only is Kami a playful person, but she is also a hard worker when she needs to be. She lives for the now and works for the future. Kami has taken difficult classes such as APES, AP Psych, and AP Biology. She plans to become a middle school science teacher. Along with that, she one day hopes to travel throughout Asia and Europe.

    Kami has even more accomplishments. Kami has also been on ASB throughout her four years of high school, gaining positions such as Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer and Senior Governor. She has been elected as the 2013 ESHS Key Club Co-VP. Kami has been active in band for 3 years. She also twirls her flag as the Co-Flag Captain for Color guard. Even though she has all these amazing achievements, she still considers her greatest achievement to be surviving freshman year.

    When Kami is not busy with her difficult classes or carrying out her responsibilities for extra curriculars, she is playing the guitar and the piano and signings. She also loves doing arts and crafts.

    Kami balances her classes, responsibilities, and extracurriculars on a daily basis. But she also knows how to have fun! She has a fun personality, and she is super talented. As you can see, Kami Nomura is one incredible person!