About Us

Who we are:

The Bay Eagle is an award-winning student-run newspaper created by the El Segundo High School Journalism Club. We are located at 640 Main Street, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA.


  • Editors-in-Chief: Amita Chauhan and Lawrence Horowitz
  • Editors: Folasade Bamimore, Eric Chernick, Jessie Hamada, Crystal Moh, and Alexis Oakley
  • Staff Writers: Folasade Bamimore, Savannah Banuelos, Shelby Campbell, Briana Castillon,  Karly Forsythe, Ashlin Gray, Erin Lavoie, Jacob Levy, Christine Lim, Maggie Mumar, Paulette Mumar, Mona Narumi, Rebecca Pendersen,  Jocelyn Suarez, Salma Sudarmadji, Sunny Sun, Jordan Swanier, Carlene Tausinga, and Rachael Wang
  • Photographers: Briana Castillon, Firdausi Sudarmadji, Sunny Sun
  • Cartoonists: Brende Leon, Christine Lim, Olivia Massey, Mona Narumi, and Rachael Wang
  • Advisor: Dr. Ray Gen

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