Senior Spotlight: Michaelynn Welther

by Amita Chauhan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

1. When and where were you born? Describe the kind of child you were.

I was born on October 10, 1996 in Venice, CA. I was a curious child; I was interested in learning new concepts and making new games in my neighborhood park to play with other kids. I was the first student in my preschool class to read and enjoyed reading books, mostly the Flat Stanley and Judy Blume books. In kindergarten I would use the arts and crafts corner so much that I was awarded Queen of Crafts on the last day of school. My family moved to El Segundo when I entered the third grade. It was definitely a big change for me (at the time), I struggled finding new friends but eventually would find my fit in this small town. What I would learn to love about El Segundo is how great the small-town feel is; especially during Homecoming week and the activities I pursued throughout high school I felt as if I could immediately bond with anyone I worked with.


2. Do you have any siblings?

I have an older sister, Christa, and twin brother, Michael. My sister graduated from ESHS in ’11 and is my advisor and best gal pal. Though we’re both busy and can’t hang much, we have girl talks on walks or on our general free time to get honest opinions from each other and have fun. My brother is the closest person to me, I can relate to him the most as we’ve shared most events and experiences since we were born (I do use the fact that I’m 1 minute older than him to my advantage.) If it weren’t for my brother and sister I don’t think I would have developed the sense of humor and confidence that I have. They are the most honest people I know, and it’ll be difficult to live away from them this fall. I’ll miss their crazy ideas to troll people when we go out and being able to confide in them.


Micky 2


3. What was your favorite year of high school? Why?

I loved high school overall, and the fact that every year has equally contributed to the great memories I can keep forever of it will make me miss these years (though I am also excited to move forward). El Segundo High School is a school of activism and unification, and I never truly felt excluded or negativity from any year. If I do have to choose one though…I would have to say Senior Year. This year I got to use all my experiences from the past three years and apply them to everything I do. I feel as if I’ve had the freedom to also start teaching myself subjects in my interest, those being Italian, HTML, and CSS.  I’m at the stage that allows me to move past the textbooks and actually synthesize my knowledge in the real world, and learn more from those experiences. Other perks of being a senior are the academic ease, the class spirit and bonding, and having great seasons in my extracurriculars. Oh right, and learning where I’m spending the next 4 years.


4. What is one of your favorite memories of high school?

I’d have to say band camp was my favorite memory. Every single band camp. I had never endured anything that involved so much focus, hard work, long hours, and PAYOFF. I learned plenty from the Colorguard members, made life-long friendships in the band, and  gained inspiration and determination from Mr. Fox’s speeches at the end of the long day. Every second was worth the season, my present, and my future. I would not be the person I am today without band camp.


5. What are some of your extracurriculars and accomplishments?

I was involved a few years with Junior Statesmen of America and Film Production Club, however I put most of my focus on being in the Robotics Team and Colorguard/Band. In Robotics, I participated mostly in the FIRST Robotics Competition, the Olympics of Robotics essentially. I was Secretary my junior and senior years, and earned the “Most Dependable Member Award” in 2013. I more recently created a social media hub on Facebook for other South Bay FRC teams to collaborate and interact, and have used my skills and connections in the club to develop technical skills. In the Colorguard, I went from being a rookie to Mama Bear (or I guess Captain) my senior year. As the team changed year to year, I changed with it. If it weren’t for Colorguard I would not have been as open and confident with myself in high school as I am now. During Concert Season, I play trombone. Though I am surely not the best player, I have learned a lot about music theory and how music has changed in the past few centuries.


6. How have you changed from freshman year to senior year? Were there any defining moments of your high school career?

Since my freshman year I have grown more open to change, trustworthy of others, have become more extroverted, and have realized that academic excellence does not in fact indicate intelligence. I feel as if my freshman self was immature (of course), and I wasn’t really understanding of others. Today I do not believe our school has a bad clique problem, and I have a broader idea of intelligence. People are intelligent in different ways, whether it’s art, algorithms, athletic strategy, alliteration, etc. My most defining moment was probably when I got my first B in 10th grade and came to that realization.


7. What is your senior quote?Micky 3

“I reject the idea that there are two sides…[People] are not living their lives via platforms. They’re living their lives.” – Jon Stewart

I chose this quote because it represents my will to look past stereotypes and generalizations, and my interest in politics. I hear students bash Democrats and Republicans just because of their generalizations, and I believe that we all must think about what we want before sticking to the stereotype.


8. Where are you going in the fall? What do you plan on majoring in?

I am attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo this fall. I will be studying Applied Mathematics, however I am open to change if I discover I favor a different subject. I like the variety of pathways I can take as an Applied Math major; I can be an engineer, programmer, research analyst, etc. I like my pathways like I like my Chex Mix, in a variety.


9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Right now I see myself going down the engineering pathway since I enjoy seeking and fixing problems. I’m innovative. When we were still supposed to have masks with sticks at prom I was going to attach two sticks on my mask with hinges so I could put the sticks up to make glasses. #PramaInnovations


10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t know. Where is this mystical place that I can see myself in 10 years from? I’m just kind of going with that flow right now.

Micky 1

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