K-pop Korner Edition #2

by Christine Lim, Staff Writer

Welcome to the second installment of K-pop Korner. Today we will be diving into the world of B.A.P!

B.A.P debuted in South Korea in early 2012 with the fierce song “Warrior”. The group consists of the leader rapper Bang Yong Guk, vocalists Himchan, Daehyun, and Youngjae, the vocalist dancer Jongup, and the rapper dancer Zelo. B.A.P stands for Best Absolute Perfect. Just as their debut song “Warrior,” B.A.P is known for the fierce and strong hip hop image. Some of their powerful songs include “Power,” “No Mercy,” and “One Shot.” B.A.P’s discography not only includes powerful hip hop tracks, but also includes upbeat tracks such as “Crash” and “Stop It.” Another notable anomaly from their strong hip hop tracks is “Coffee Shop,” an unexpected song from B.A.P that features a soft, jazzy melody, but it is still a fantastic song.

But the main focus of today is B.A.P’s latest comeback, which includes their first full length album “First Sensibility!” Their promotional single is “1004 (Angel)!” This amazing song is also an anomaly to B.A.P’s fierce image. The song has a soft melody, yet an upbeat rhythm. Not any part of the song was boring to me. The soft intro, the upbeat rhythm of the first verse to the rap in the second verse, to the amazing chorus, the sad bridge, and to the strong ending. Now, the music video was intense, especially Himchan’s scenes. The song and video seem to be about a guy who is distressed because of the death of his girlfriend. Himchan’s character is so miserable that he threatens suicide. He points a gun to his reflection in the mirror while his reflection points the gun to his head.

I say that the vocals of Daehyun are notable in the song. But the dance duet of Zelo and Jongup is a must see!

South Korea airs several music programs, which feature artists and groups performing their songs and one group or soloist is awarded first place at the end of each installment. If you don’t believe that 1004 is an amazing song, just know that B.A.P won 3 of those music program first place awards in one week!

Other than the promotional single, a song that I particularly enjoy in the album is “Save Me.” It is an intense track; particularly notable in the song is Yongguk’s rapping. Part of this song is even featured in the music video of 1004.

Another song that I enjoy is “Bang x2,” Rather than hip hop, this song is more rock. It is reminiscent of J-pop. The song is quite different than the other songs in the album, but it is enjoyable.

If you are in need of a more upbeat song, look to “Lovesick” or a more of a ballad song, l recommend “With You.”


Image retrieved from: http://www.mtvk.com/blog-posts/its-like-they-never-left-%E2%80%94-b-a-p-to-return-with-three-title-tracks/



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