Coachella 2014

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, otherwise known as simply Coachella, was held for the second and third weekend in April this year for its 15th year. The festival, containing popular acts such as Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey also included more rock rooted musicians with Social Distortion and AFI. One of the most top grossing festivals in the nation, Coachella is a festival rooted in celebration of music and art. Coachella initially started in 1999 in Indio, California where it is still held today. Although the dates have changed, originally from only two days now to two weekends, coachella is still a festival that has kept to its founding roots. The festival still gives to over five charities with its royalties, and allows camping on the grounds. With several amenities included, Coachella’s camping site is one of the best in the country. Many of ESHS’ alumni have gone to Coachella 2014 this year and in the past, as Ariana Rassouli said, “My life has been changed forever! Just kidding, but it was SO sick. All of the bands were amazing: Skrillex, Lana del Rey, Bastille, Girl Talk, Outkast….AH! So Awesome!”

Coachella 1

Each year, as Coachella’s reach and lineup expand, the tents get packed faster and with more people. This year Coachella sold out each of their tickets and with each ticket priced at $349, their gross amount is astronomical. Yet, Coachella passes are definitely well worth the cost as each year Coachella out does itself. With the amazing architectural designs from the country’s finest sculptors and artists, the venue amazes its people with great masterpieces such as the “Lightweaver” by Stereo-bot and “Cryochrome” by James Peterson, the art of the festival is always magnificent. From 2013’s near hologram of Tupac, to this years amazing lineup and range of musicians, Coachella will always be a great festival to remember.


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