2014 ASB Election Spotlights

by Amita Chauhan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Elections are just around the corner and these are some of our potential ASB leaders. See you at the polls, Eagles!




Cassidy Shevlin

First off… I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH! And this is why I know we have the best school in the South Bay. Hands down! So a little about me, well I love to eat, sleep, and watch Netflix… But more seriously I just love this school and everyone in it, and I’m running for president because it would just be humbling to have the opportunity to unite our school and see how we can grow in the upcoming year! As much as I love my naps… I love helping our school even more and want nothing but an  amazing upcoming year! So get out to vote on Friday, this is our time to let our voices be heard!



Nick Ostler

So I’m Nick Ostler…pic-Nick is what I’m known by this week! I love El Segundo High School and all it’s amazing opportunities that they have, In both academics and extra curricular too! My plan for the future is to really get the student body more involved so they enjoy their time at El Segundo! It’s my goal to bring everyone together as a school and to eliminate the negativity that goes on! I’m a very relaxed person that loves to have fun more than anything but is also able to focus and get the job done when things need to be done! I love surfing and just being outside in general with friends and family! Pic-Nick for president because next year is gonna be a picnic if I’m elected!


Morgan Zecchini

My name is Morgan Zecchini, a current junior at ESHS! I was born and raised by the beach, where I feel most at home. I have a big, obnoxious family with my 2 parents, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and miniature pincher dog. My brother, Zachary, and his diagnosis with autism, has motivated every decision I’ve made, especially regarding my choice to run for ASB President. I want to change this school in a positive way. I want to recognize the students who don’t get the attention they deserve, and promote the ability to form friendships outside of the normal cliques. This school has the potential to create a support system that will help us all have a phenomenal 4 years here! This election is not about me, but we, as a student body. Vote Morgan Zecchini, for “we!”



Vice President

Noah Fleishman

Well my name is Noah Fleishman and quite simply I am running to be your Vice President. I specifically say “your” Vice President because I want to be used for the good of the entire student body. My other interests are soccer, track, engineering, and making people laugh. I can’t make promises like saying “I will make next year the best year”, but what I can do is promise that I will treat each of you individually and try to excel as best I can at being YOUR Vice President.

Noah 2


Sunny Sun

Hey everyone! I am Sunny Sun and I am running to be your ASB Vice President! Things about me… I am a part of Girl’s Tennis team and track team and enjoy playing piano and painting in my spare time! I also joined robotics in the beginning of this year and am part of Key Club, Interact Club, Link Crew, and found the American Red Cross Club. During sophomore year, I was the Secretary/Treasurer for my class. I am pretty sure most of you guys want to know what I will bring to ESHS next year if I got elected. I can’t promise that I will get you Starbucks but I am definitely open to all opinions and ideas. I might seem shy when you first see me but I am really lay back! I want to take time to not only know as many of you as I can but also help you guys in any way I can possibly help. So feel free to say hi to be in the hallways and email me, call me, or text me if you need help haha don’t be shy!



Elise Van Heuven

Hey there! My name is Elise and I’m running for ASB Vice President. I’ve been in ASB all three years I’ve been in high school, and I love it! For me, the best part of school is being able to shape the kind of year that the students at ESHS are going to have, with a good balance of responsibility and fun. I know I have what it takes to be an amazing VP, and I hope you guys see that in me too!





Maddy Froebe

My name is Maddy Froebe and I love this school. I’ve always loved being involved and coming together with all the  amazing people here  through things like sports and even just everyday classes. I believe I have what it takes to be a more prominent part in this school so I’m running to be your next ASB Treasurer! To me, leadership is one of the most important characteristics a person can have. Leadership is a combination of self confidence in your abiliti es, organization, and at the same time, a desire to help people and be their voice. This elections season I would like you all to know that I want to be  your voice. I am here to help anyone who needs it and I will always try to the best of my abilities to have your needs met. I am reliable and always demonstrate the ability to step up to any challenge that comes my way. (BTW My math teacher is Clemmer and she is the best so that’s tellin’ you I have some t op notch math skills!) So why settle for good when you can have great?! Let’s make next year a great one, together!


Shawn Manouchehry

I am a Junior and I am well involved around school. I am our soccer and tennis captain, and I am also in link crew where I help freshman be more comfortable around campus. I take rigorous classes as a Junior such as AP Calc, AP Bio, AP US History, and Spanish 4 Honors. My goal for next year will be to incorporate my ideas along with others into ASB, so that it genuinely represents the whole student body. I want to bring more events and activities to our school to make it even more enjoyable. I want to have more people involved and interacting on campus because I want to make going to school not just studying, but something even more than that.




Amber Carrington

Hi I’m Amber Carrington and I’m running for ASB Secretary. I love to make fun of myself and mess around but I also know how to be serious and get the job done. I want this upcoming school year to be all about you. I know that I have what it takes to make this school a better place for you. I’ve held both governor and lieutenant governor positions over the past few years, and have learned the different responsibilities for both of them. From these positions, I have learned how to be responsible and organized–traits any good secretary must have. Although I am a younger candidate I believe that I can use this to my advantage because I will know how to cater to the needs of both upperclassmen and underclassmen. I’ll get the job done and will think about what is good for every grade and the school as a whole. I want next year to be what you want it to be. We all have a voice and you all will be heard. So vote for me and let’s have some fun and make it a great year for everyone!

Amber 1


Katherine Chica

My name is Katherine Chica and I am running to be your ASB Secretary! For those of you who may not know exactly who I am, I’ve been in ASB for the past year and I love participating in as many (If not all) school activities that I possibly can. (p.s. I love making new friends and would really love for those of you who don’t know me as well to come say hello!) Some activities that I have been a part of are Choir, Swim Team, WaterPolo, and link crew. I love being in the the water as much as I can and enjoy all the sweet, little moments I have with my closest family and friends. You may be wondering why I’m the best fit for Secretary? Well, let me start off with my passion for ESHS. From 1-10, my love for our school is off that scale! I also consider myself a loving and giving person who places other’s needs before mine at all times. If you allow me to be your Secretary, I promise to give back to you and our school and be your hands and ears; listening to what you want and making it the best of my abilities to apply all your lovely suggestions. So, Let’s share some EAGLE LOVE and keep spreading school spirit around together as a team. Let’s make next year a RAD one! (:



Sydney Wilbanks

Hi! My name is Sydney Wilbanks I am running to be ASB Secretary for the school year of 2015. I am a three sport athlete, link crew leader, and volunteer at the Little Company of Mary Hospital in San Pedro. I love serving and giving back to my school/community! Because of my busy schedule, my organizational skills have to be excellent and my time management is impeccable. If I am elected as ASB Secretary I would like to try to increase school spirit at this school and implement a larger variety of food choices in the cafeteria. I think that I am best fit for the job of ASB Secretary and that I have a lot to offer this school.





Hayley Funk

Hello Bay Eagle Followers – I’m Hayley Funk and I’m running for Senior Class Governor. Our class of 2015 is my passion. I have a ton of crazy ideas and I’m super excited to have the opportunity to lead our class next year. There are so many things that go on in our Senior year. I would love nothing more than to have the honor to make fun and lasting memories with all of you. First of all, we are number 1 and our Homecoming float needs to take first place. This past year I took a hands-on role in planning our float and next year I know exactly what we need to do to claim our title.

We’ve all put in so much effort to finally make it to our Senior year together and I have the experience in ASB to make our final year awesome. Beyond our high school career in El Segundo we get to come together every few years as a class and I guarantee, with me as your Senior Class Governor our reunions are going to be freaking amazing. Gotta have that Funk with spunk!

Thank you so much and don’t forget to vote Friday in the Auditorium.



Niki Reitano

Hi everyone! My name is Niki Reitano and I am running for Senior Class Governor! I would like to encourage my peers to speak up and share their ideas with our representatives so we can better serve them and make next year enjoyable for everyone. I would like to make next year a memorable one! I believe each person should have a voice in the activities planned at our school and one way this can improve is adding online voting polls for students to vote for spirit week themes, dance themes and activities in the quad at lunch..etc. My favorite part about elections is that I have been able to meet more of you all! I hope that I can work with you guys and make a difference in our school by making each voice heard. It starts with you! :)




Lieutenant Governor

Sarah Chang

The reason why I want to be  senior class lieutenant governor for the 2014-2015 school year is because I’ve always wanted to be a part in ASB, but I’ve never gotten the chance to do so because I was nervous and unconfident. This year I’ve decided to take a huge step out of my comfort zone, to not just be a representative for ASB, but an elected office position. It’ll truly mean a lot to me if I am able to win this election, but I know that even if I don’t, my fellow candidates are all capable of running the job flawlessly. If I’m elected for this position, my main goal is this: opportunity. I want to be able to give every person in our class, the opportunity to be involved and showcase talents that they can contribute to our class of 15. This is our last year together, so I want everyone to be able to contribute with no regrets, and to leave this school being content and satisfied, and have a senior year that we will remember forever.



Julia Freeman

My name is Julia Freeman, and I have spent my first 3 years at ESHS in ASB, supporting my fellow classmates in their endeavors,  and playing soccer and lacrosse. I’m so proud of all of our school accomplishments, and I love all of our sport teams, clubs, band, color guard, etc.!  I’m a proud Eagle!! My four key initiatives for next year are: (a) better food options (such as chicken tacos every other week)
(b) more guest speaker assemblies (think Mike Smith)
(c) additional charity tournaments involving new charities and other sports (similar to Hoops for Huntington), and
(d) more class participation events i.e. Pep rallies, spirit weeks.
I look forward to hearing additional ideas and I will always be accessible! I want to be your next Senior Lt. Gov. because I believe I can bring a new perspective to ESHS to make our Senior year even more exciting and enjoyable!!



Nate Vinzon

My name is Nate Vinzon and I am running for Lt. Governor of the 2015 Class.  As an upcoming senior I want to be able to enjoy every last second of my final year at high school with all of my friends and my peers.  While every candidate brings forth their own contribution to the school, I believe that I can bring out the best in every student and help to create a collective school spirit stronger than ever before at ESHS.  With my extensive connections between almost every sport, arts program or/and extra curricular I believe that I can help tighten the bonds between each student in our class regardless of friend circles or cliques.




Lawrence Horowitz

I’m Lawrence Horowitz and I’m hoping to win my first election. I’ve wanted to help the school since 8th grade but have never gotten the chance. Hopefully this time I can prove that a vote for me is the write choice. I hope to really watch out more for graduation purposes and to save for some sweet things for our reunions. Their is not much to do for this position but no matter how much work it is it’s the work ethic that matters and I am for sure that man with the plan.



Steven Moody

First off, I’m super excited to be apart of this campaign and good luck to all the candidates! My name is Steven Moody and I’m running for senior class treasurer/secretary. Although I have never been in ASB before, I know my organization skills and natural leadership abilities will allow me to perform at this position to the highest degree. I know what people want and I know how to give it to them. Being in band the past three years has shown me how a group of individuals can come together and make something truly incredible and awe-inspiring, and I’m very excited to bring that mentality into the student government. Myself and many others have countless ideas on how to make this school even greater and I hope I get to make these ideas a reality. I can honestly say that all the candidates are wonderful people who I can call friends and who will get the job done. So regardless of who wins the elections, I know next year will be something to remember.



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