They Caught the Light

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Churches, symbolic spelling CHVRCHES, is an emerging indie soft rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Now known for their single “The Mother We Share”, their album The Bones of What you Believe is their first studio debut album. The trio was born on the internet and now has emerged gorgeously with a new synth sound that illustrates Lauren Mayberry’s haunting vocals, Iain Cook as guitar, bass, and backup gritty vocals, and Martin Doherty as backup vocals. As they all work with their synthesizers and produce a their original indie synth sound, their album has reached the top 20 albums in the US on iTunes with their spot at number 12 as of last year.

  With CHVRCHES haunting euphoric sound, they have played at countless shows and festivals like SXSW with known bands such as Passion Pit and Depeche Mode. With selling out shows, new tours, and countless appearances, CHVRCHES has gone from an anonymous face with gorgeous sound to a known trio that is on the rise to stardom. Mayberry’s lyrical sound is abstract yet profound with its messages and beauty such as “I will sell you a future you don’t want” from their tenth track, “Lungs”. All of the album is full of gorgeous light sound that seems to illuminate the beauty of the lyrics and its artistic style. CHVRCHES is a new star on the indie rock map, that will rise to shine in their coming musical career.

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

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