Honor to Gambino

by Jocelyn Suarez, Staff Writer

Donald Glover, is a man with many faces. To music fans, he is the rapper Childish Gambino and the DJ Poindexter. To the comedy audience he is Troy Barnes and also writes for the show 30 Rock. With two albums under Childish Gambino that have been hits across the United States. As senior Marcos Corrales stated,  “Childish Gambino gives an exciting sound. He demonstrates the whole package. From acting to songwriting to producing, he’s a one-man show.”

Childish Gambino’s first album, Camp, was a debut for his rapping career that worked incredibly well. His freshman album consisted of themes about his personal life and his younger self as well as emotions and the struggles of his life. The single “Heartbeat,” a techno, sultry, experimental song, was a diamond among the gorgeous silk of the rest of the album that was consisted of rap, and narrative. A wonderful and exciting start to his musical career.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

As of December 10th, of last year, Because the Internet has gained following through social media and word of mouth. It can be said that because of the internet, Because the Internet has gained so much attention. The songs in Gambino’s sophomore album are definitely orchestrated differently than Camp, as the rapping is followed with smoother tones. The format to the album is also different as the songs are categorized into what can be described as scenes and acts. With some separated by melodies that vary in length from 5 seconds to 54 seconds long. The single of this album has been “V3005,” which, like “Heartbeat,” also has an electric sound but with less bass. Because the Internet explores many themes and subjects as well as sounds and lyrical representation. Through Gambino’s stellar rap performances to his features with Jhene Aiko, Lloyd, Chance the Rapper, Andrew Auernheimer, and Azealia Banks (AKA Banks), Gambino gives a firm representation of how his music has grown. Gambino is a force that seems to not stop with his Deep Web tour of the UK and now the United States, he also continues to act and pursue comedy although not as a hindrance to his musical career. With such a range in sound and style, Gambino’s hopeful third album, will definitely be of magnificence.

Childish Gambino – 3005

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