by Paulette Mumar, Staff Writer and Brenda Leon, Cartoonist

Finally, finals are over, hopefully all of you have crossed one of the hardest bridges to cross over this year. But are you still feeling stressed out? Maybe you need to stop your activity and slow down and just breathe slowly, take time to exhale and inhale. It is fine to take a break, overworking yourself might be beneficial to your grades at the moment, but definitely not to your health. Overworking yourself leads to stress in many levels. Stress is pressure or tension emotionally and or mentally resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Overworking the body may result in changing regular circumstances in your body. Blood pressure increases, breathing becomes faster, digestive system slows down, pulse increases, efficiency of the immune system slows down, tensing of muscles, and sleep becomes harder to achieve. To prevent stress, try to exercise at least twice or thrice a week; divide your responsibilities and labor, share and work with someone or do one at a time to create less pressure to yourself; consume less caffeine, high caffeine drinks or food will only provide a quick time of boosted energy and will actually slow you down; take time and relax, have fun and enjoy life with friends and family; and seek for help in anything you struggle with, it will never hurt to ask. Stay healthy, happy and strong! We are only half way through the school year! Keep fighting!

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