DIY: Birthday Cupcake in a Jar

by Salma Sudarmadji, Staff Writer

Don’t know what to give for your friend’s birthday? Try a homemade gift that’s super easy, delicious, and straight from the heart: The Cupcake in a Jar!


-Cake mix

-Cupcake liners

-Frosting & Sprinkles


-Ribbons, puffy paint, etc.

1. Follow the instructions on the cake mix and make the cupcakes as you normally would but put in less batter in the liner/pan.


2. Carefully place the cake in jar. You can slice the cupcake if it doesn’t fit. Frost the cake. Stack another cake on top. Repeat until it you have filled the jar.


3. Decorate the jar any way you want. (I changed the jar because it would not fit.)

This cupcake in a jar is sure to bring a smile on his/her face!

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