Senior Spotlight: Connor Underwood

by Carlene Tausinga, Staff Writer

“Football isn’t Life. But the game plans are the same.” – Rich Kaveinga

All year round, senior spotlight, Connor Underwood, has juggled between AP courses and being an athlete. With an injury that required shoulder surgery, Connor wasn’t able to play football last year. As a fresh start, Underwood was able to come back ready to help spark miracles. Connor has ended his high school football career with an outstanding league championship, but the sports and victory don’t end now. As his high school football career closes it’s page, he is now opening another for the 2013- 2014 baseball season. Being on the field has greatly impacted and shaped who he is today. It has become a realization that eveConnor 1ry person who surrounds him, are competing to achieve the same goal, and only hard work requires to get it. Achieved or failed, dwelling upon it does him no good, but the experience he gets to take out of it and learn from is priceless. Besides the sweat, soreness, and physical pain, his mind is firmly set on his education.

He has been able to combine his athlete life with the college course classes, showing students that being an student- athlete is possible. He is a multi-tasker, involved in the Eagle Club, Operation Smile, for the past 3 years, proving to be a leader off the field. Leadership, perseverance, and endurance have all become a piece of him. But it isn’t only the sports and clubs that has shaped who he is. Leading role model, Coach Steve Shevlin has been by his side, creating a better and bigger person out of him, whether it is on or off the field. Connor hopes to continue baseball in college and to pursue a career in business. As graduation day comes closer, Underwood hopes to be remembered for his sportsmanship and friendship he had for everyone. If there is anything he will miss about high school , it will be being the people who know him inside and out. Connor Underwood: leader, achiever, student, athlete, smiler, has definitely lived his high school career to its fullest.

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