K-Pop Korner Edition #1

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of the Bay Eagle’s new segment K-Pop Korner! Here we will be informing you of what is new in the K-pop world, reviewing K-pop songs and albums, and maybe have occasional fan girling over K-pop guys here and there.

First of all, if you don’t know what k-pop is, it is Korean pop music. K-pop doesn’t necessarily encompass just the pop genre, but k-pop is filled with a variety of different kinds of genres! There are male groups, female groups, and solo singers who all express different styles in their music, dancing, and fashion. Even if you can’t understand Korean, you can still enjoy the melodies and rhythms of the songs, the voices, the dancing, the fashion, and the attractive people. (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the sea of beautiful people).

For this first edition, let’s talk about B1A4! B1A4 is a male band composed of 5 members: the leader Jinyoung, the vocalist/rapper CNU, the main vocalist Sandeul, the rapper Baro, and the vocalist Gongchan. B1A4 stands for “Be the one, all for one,” but also represents their blood types, since one member has blood type B while the other four have blood type A. These 5 guys debuted as B1A4 in Korea in 2011. They are known as the country idols because all their members originated from towns in the countryside of Korea. They have some mellow songs such as “Tried to Walk,” but B1A4 is known for their upbeat, cute, and quirky style, with songs such as “Beautiful Target,” “Baby Goodnight,” and “What’s Going On?”

Recently, B1A4 released their new album Who Am I with their single “Lonely” and its music video on January 13. What is notable about the album is that the leader Jinyoung composed the music and lyrics of the majority of the songs in the album. Even vocalist CNU composed and wrote lyrics for two of the songs in the album.

“Lonely” has a softer, sadder mood compared to their happier songs. Despite that, it is an amazing song (I may or may not be biased) that fits the winter season. Even the rapping of Baro is soft enough to fit the theme of the song. The dancing in the music video doesn’t seem complicated but it compliments the mood of the songs. In the music video, the girl literally keeps floating away like a balloon from Jinyoung and he keeps trying to tug her back down with a string. The floating away could represent the drifting feelings of the couple and that’s why the guy feels lonely.

Some of my favorites from their new album other than their promotional single are “Oh My God,” “Amazing,” “Too Much,” and “Road” (keep in mind that those titles were roughly translated into English from their original Korean titles, just in case you have difficulty trying to look them up later). “Oh My God” has a sweet guitar melody and soft yet strong vocals. “Amazing” just lifts your spirits and self esteem. I mean, they’re singing, “Cause you’re so amazing, my baby, you’re so amazing to me” in English! “Too Much” is a duet between Sandeul and Gongchan. This song has an even softer, sadder tone than “Lonely,” but is has really sweet vocals and a soft melody that fit the winter season. It may get to your feels. “Road” may be my favorite song from the album. It has a fun beat and lifts your spirits. Even if you can’t understand any of the lyrics, the song has the potential to make you feel motivated to reach the end of the road you need to go down.

B1A4 – Lonely (없구나) (Full ver.)

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