Bloggers on the Block

by Maggie Mumar, Staff Writer

Bloggers je t’aime ! If you’re a fashionista you must have a favorite fashion blogger you follow. We all have different opinions and different styles, so we all have different bloggers we follow. In this little article, I’m going to tell you what I look for for a FASHION BLOGGER. Enjoy!

Fashion bloggers are the main source of fashion trends worldwide. As you all know, social media plays a big role in blogging, but a blogs takes a while to establish. There’s Fashiona lot of factors that makes a unique blogger; But always be aware that everyone has different styles and perspective in the fashion world. I want to share the three factors that attracts me to a fashion blogger:

1. Style Every blogger has different style that they express through their blog. I see these bloggers as great representation of the majority of people around the world. Their style often reflects their life style and personalities. Just like everything else we do in life, fashion always finds a way to sneak in a little something that just makes it you! So finding a blogger that really capture the style that you like can sometimes be difficult, if you don’t know exactly what you like. Always remember, just like Mrs. Gerber says “always be true, be true, be true”

2. Blog Context Writing shows a lot about the blogger. What ever the blogger writes about reflects themselves. The context is the meat of a blog (if you actually read the blogs and not just look at the pictures for outfit inspirations), it’s the explanation of how they put on the outfit together. Who doesn’t love a blogger that has a great venue and great pictures?  I love it when bloggers travel around the world and they write about how different it is and the fact that they are having fun. It just makes me want to go visit the country! For me, the pictures are the hooks for the blog. They attract people because people love seeing pictures and the beauty of places and the experience they shows.  However, bloggers always have one specific place where they can always have a photo shoot anytime. And oh, let’s not forget about the staff! Usually a blogger only needs a photographer, because the bloggers themselves are their own models! Most of the time, a blogger’s photographer is a family member or a close friend who they can comfortably travel with and has great skills in photography. That would be a great experience having someone close to you travel around the world and become part of your blog crew!

3. Clothes Last but not least, are the clothes; the most important thing I look for a blogger! Bloggers are always on trend, they have pieces from a fashion show that just recently came out.  Not only that though, I love looking at the clothes they wear because it’s like reading a literature book in English 11 Honors with Mrs. Gerber, you take what you think is right for you from the author’s experience. The clothes are being showed off and are the main focus of a picture in a blog. The blogger is given a fashion item and takes it and accessorize it and make it almost something new and serve it as an inspiration. Personally, I love seeing detailed clothes, I love looking at the execution of the garment and I’m always curious about the technique the designer used. In a fashion show, I love seeing the different kind of themes and how the designer embraces the theme and applies it on garments. It’s like looking at an art museum; some designs are abstract and some designs are just vivid. But I also love simply basic clothes, because not everyday are we going to dress up and feel like dressing up!

One fashion tip I always remember, get clothes that fit your body structure. For many teenagers, it might be a struggle, but the only way to succeed to achieve and express your style is when you learn to love your body and your mind. A bloggers main purpose is to share and inspire, they’re just sharing their personal statements about their style through blogging. It’s a lot easier if your comfortable with what you wear, in an emotional level and the physical level. It’s a lot easier to be you, just like Dr. Seuss said “there is no one alive that is younger that you”.


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