The Pros and Cons of Being Short

by Christine Lim and Mona Narumi, Staff Writers

The Short Side of Being Short

There are definitely some disadvantages of having a phenotype of short stature. Here are some examples:

1. It’s hard to see what’s written on the board when a person sitting in front of you is tall (and it doesn’t help when they decide to put their hair in a high bun).

6. You can’t reach something on a high shelf.

2. You attempt to wave to someone in the hallway, but they don’t see you because you are underneath their line of vision.

3. Someone tries to look for you in a crowd of people, but they can’t see you because everyone else towers over you.

4. Short people tell you that you make them feel better because you are even shorter than them.

5. You have to walk at a faster pace because your tiny legs have a short stride and you have to keep up with the people who have longer legs and longer strides.

6. You get mistaken for being 11 years old when you’re actually 16 years old.

The Perks of Being “Fun-Sized”

As there are disadvantages of being short, there are definitely advantages of being short. For people who belong in the ’5’4 and under’ category, no fear! Instead of considering yourself as short, think it more like you’re…fun sized. And for the people who think we aren’t up for the challenge, here are some reasons why you would want to be us.

1. Who doesn’t want to be called fun?

2. It’s bubbly and energetic sounding.

3. You can fall asleep on the couch without having your legs dangle off the arms!

4. You see things from a different perspective.

5. You don’t have to write on the board because you “can’t reach.”

6. You can go get funnel cake instead of riding the scary roller coaster because you’re      apparently  “too short” to go on.

7. You can crash a picture of a club that you never go to, because they can’t see you in the back.

8. You can entice other people to do your bidding by using your cuteness.

9. You can actually fit underneath the table during an earthquake (drill).

10. You can easily get piggy-back rides from others.

11. If you love hugs, you get hugs from people everyday because they think you’re adorable.

12. You can pass as a child so you get children’s discounts at restaurants and theaters.


Although being fun sized also has it’s disadvantages, it is more important to focus on the positive side of our height and use it to help define your own personal identity.

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