Senior Spotlight: Daniel Zeman

by Carlene Tausinga, Staff Writer

Zeman 1Senior Quarterback, Daniel Zeman, has come a long way. A road that has shaped who he is now and has bettered him for the future. He’s embraced the leadership, the priceless moments and the point of taking chances with no regrets. Football has catered to his greatness, by teaching him the real aspects of competition and the importance of striving. Sophomore year, Zeman played with a broken wrist on his throwing hand. As hurtful as that sounds, he lead the team to a league championship. Daniel has been seen for taking his burdens and putting his strength above it. Like a game plan that goes wrong, those set backs have made him realize that on the field, and especially in his life, he cannot let the unanticipated sudden checks, bring him down. When the day he raises his cap comes, he hopes to walk off this campus with a legacy: his respect, adversity and perseverance. The Friday night lights and the adrenaline rushing in his blood, the crazy unforgettable relationships made, and the moments that provoked laughter, will be by far, the momentsZeman 5 he will miss! He has realized that the touchdowns, throws and statistics in football will be forgotten, but the young man that grew in him, will always be preserved. Daniel, who was Seattle-made, and California-raised, moved to El Segundo his second grade year. By far, his childhood and youth has been great. He hands his utmost respect to the people who have played a massive role into creating his self-identity. From his coaches from his toddler days and present day and to his great support system: his family and friends who rooted him on near and afar. Daniel Zeman: Senior, Leader, Fighter and Believer, has definitely made his mark for the class of 2014.

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