DIY: Bleached Out Tees

by Salma Sudarmadji, Staff Writer

    Finally, winter has arrived, but your wardrobe needs a little pick-me-up. Or maybe you need to keep your hands busy with something fun to do on cold, windy days. Even if these reasons don’t apply to you, the Bleached Out Tee DIY is for anyone to enjoy. The results will amaze you!


This DIY is quick and simple, and you will only need the following materials:


1. A shirt (bright or dark color)  that is at least 50% cotton

2. Bleach

3. Old rags/towel

4. Masking Tape or strong duct tape.

5. A container

6. A large paintbrush

Note: Perform this DIY outside, or in a well-ventilated area, as to not inhale the bleach fumes. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting bleach on (just in case).


Now you can begin!


1. Spread out your shirt on a flat surface.

photo 1

2. Securely tape the masking tape or duct tape in places where you DON’T want the bleach to go. You can cut out designs/shapes/letters from the tape or create a pattern!

photo 2

3.  Layer the old rags/ towel inside the shirt, so the bleach does not seep through the back of the shirt. Make sure to get every spot.

photo 3

4. Pour some bleach into the container. Apply the bleach with the paint brush all over the shirt. You will start to see the color difference in about 2 to 3 minutes.

photo 4

5. Once the color changes to the color that you’d like it to be, remove the tape and thoroughly rinse the shirt in cold water immediately.

photo 5

Voila! In 5 easy steps, you’ve recreated your shirt into a whole new look!

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