Catching Fire Review

by Shelby Campbell, Staff Writer

Movie adaptations of books have become very popular in the last decade, especially in the young adult genre, the latest of which being the second movie adaptation of the widely popular book series The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire did wonders in the box office, as expected. Millions of teens across the globe rushed to the theater see the second movie and fall in love once again with the characters from the first movie. Along the way, became acquainted with the many new characters introduced throughout the movie.

Upon finding out that this movie would not be directed by the same person, I myself became rather worried about how the sequel to the first movie would pan out. Gary Ross did a wonderful job with the first movie, pleasing the fans to a tee. So when the news was released that Francis Lawrence would be the director of the second, my expectations went down.

Fortunately, Francis Lawrence’s work blew me away. Catching Fire was exactly what it needed to be. He did a wonderful job of incorporating all the important points of the novel. Moreover, Lawrence did so without taking away from the experience of those who haven’t read the books, something Ross failed to do with the first. For example, in the first movie, there were many questions of what the three-fingered signal actually meant, as those who had not read the books had not received the same explanation. But in the second movie, there were no such questions as everything was either explained or easily understandable for those who only saw the movie. The only point of contention so far was the ending of the movie. For those who have not read the books did not understand why the movie ended where it did. But, once explained that it was the exact ending from the book, they did grasp the concept and are ready to see the following movie. In general, the movie was as accurate of a representation of the book as it possibly could be; it could not have been done any other way.

As for the acting and casting of the movie, that too was very well done, as everyone from the previous movie had been kept. Fan favorites like Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta), Woody Harrelson (Haymitch), and Liam Hemsworth (Gale) were even met by some newer and just as dashing characters such as Finnick Odair, played by Sam Claflin. The chemistry between all the characters was outstanding and truly engaging.

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