The Originals: Episode 6

Rachael Wang, Staff Writer

Alright, so Tuesday has come and passed with another amazing episode from The Originals. We are already far into the season now. And guess what? Elijah is back! After being betrayed, stabbed and thrown (coldheartedly) into a box coffin for the first half of the season, he is back and he been scheming about more than revenge on Klaus.

Three things you much know before watching this episode:

1) No one understands Klaus the way Elijah does.

2) No one keeps his word the way Elijah does.

3) No one rips the hearts out of three witches in the middle of a church the way Elijah does!

The episode began in the midst of the Vampire Book Club party, just kidding. Klaus tried to find a way to earn Elijah’s forgiveness for daggering him by bring in fresh human meat, and I mean that literally. Elijah refused to drop this most recent daggering. Instead, he invited Klaus to read the “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.” Rebecca walks in and gives angry remarks about the carpet stains.

The atmosphere is tight, but remember, Elijah isn’t mad. He was just… unforgiving. He also takes control of the family from Klaus. Throughout the episode you see small pieces of Klaus’s half bitter remarks like, “First day with you in charge brother and we have a missing elder witch, three dead vampires and Marcus possibly finding out about my unborn child. Good job Brother.”

Of course, Elijah has a plan. Elijah knew and informed the others that Sophie Devereaux is not their friend, so it is time to unbind her to Hayley. Davina needs to learn to control her magic. So Elijah found the enchanted knot for her to untie.

If you’ve been keeping up with the series you know that the harvest is the real reason the witches brought Klaus to New Orleans. You also know about the vision around Klaus’s child and how she will destroy all the witches.

Will the real old conservative witches now want Haley dead? They inject a potion that causes miscarriages in Haley and then Elijah gets mad, he gets mad.

His “forgiveness and honor” speech to Klaus had me convinced that he was about to let Agnes go. But, nope. He choked her till blood poured out of her mouth and then snap. It looked painful.

Meanwhile, Rebecca decides to leave to Mystic Falls tonight, before she leaves she decided to pay Marcel a visit to say goodbye before leaving town and of course she couldn’t leave without taking a bite of the fruit from that long-forbidden tree.

As Rebecca left she pulled the apple from her bag, it was immediately clear that Marcel would know where the Original siblings were living. What wasn’t clear whether or not Rebecca gave him the apple knowing he would figure out their secret location or not.

Now Marcel knows where and whom Klaus was hiding and he has Hayley. By the end of the episode all trust between Klaus and Marcel is destroyed and Haley goes missing.

Can’t our poor, pregnant werewolf get a break? The answer… no.

Now I have three questions I’d like you to answer:

What did you think of “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree?” Are you glad Sophie and Hayley have been unlinked? What does Marcel have planned for Hayley?

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