Fall for Fall

Maggie Mumar, Staff Writer

It’s already fall season! It’s crazy how fast we’re transitioning to our summer, glory wardrobe into our fall, comfy wardrobe.  Since we’ve settled in the new school year and the first six week grading period has passed, I think most of us are getting lazy in dressing up! But I also think that many people really like this season since our favorite sweaters, cardigan, scarves and boots are the main focus!

Sometimes I can’t help but notice that we tend to use darker colors for this season. It gives off a gloomy and dark feeling, which is perfect for the weather. But some colors won’t hurt anyone right? I encourage anyone to wear colors, it gives optimism for the upcoming season. Also don’t forget that this season is best for layering clothes! Layers, layers, layers. Perfect season to try out different prints to layer together. Always take risk! Personally, I love skirts, so this season might be the last time i get to use some skirts until spring comes. Take advantage of the season! Best accessories for this season, scarves! If you’re the type who doesn’t layer clothes, scarves are perfect. Because it keeps you warm and comfy! One piece of advice for this season is to just put on comfy, layered clothes so you can take off some layers if the weather is bipolar!

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