by Bel Jacob
Sports Editor

This year in El Segundo Football we started out like rolling thunder, but amongst all the games we’ve played, only a few stand out exceptionally among the rest. The members of this year’s team are filled with passion, skill, willpower, and pure love of the game, and this season has been a memorable one for El Segundo.
During the third game of the season against Bishop Montgomery, the Eagles were truly tested. Prior to this game we had dominated the score board against St. Bernard and Mary Star, but this game was strikingly different. Throughout the entire game, it was a constant struggle to maintain the lead. The winner was as unclear as the sky that night; no one could say for certain that the Eagles could grasp a third victory. As time ticked away, the Eagles prepared themselves for a final charge to victory, but the referees denied us our extra point after the touchdown, sending the game into double-overtime. Although we were denied our point, we fought on and conquered Bishop with one final touchdown, ending the game at 45-38.
However, not all of our greatest games end in victory, particularly the homecoming game. The team had put together a great first quarter scoring a total of 10 points, but this happy beginning was short lived. As most already know, senior Grant Palmer was injured during the game which forced freshman Daniel Zeman into the game to cover for him. Although nervous and inexperienced, Zeman was able to fill in Palmer’s shoes. Passion ran high and all of the players’ hearts were on the field that night. However, tragedy struck again when juniors Kendall Brown and Dakota McAlister collided, injuring both of them. On top of that, we were denied a touchdown that would have meant certain victory for the Eagles. Though the game was lost with a final score of 10-14, we proved that we could adapt and overcome the adversity. Following the game, Zeman explained that “There were so many thoughts running through my head during the game that it was hard to focus, I did all I could do given the circumstances.”
This season has been a strong one for the ESHS Football team, and we can only hope that we finish it off even stronger. Being third in league right now, it is certain we are going to make it to playoffs. Congratulation Eagles on a terrific season thus far.

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