Mr. Ito

As students embark on a new year at El Segundo High School, let us all welcome the incoming freshmen and new faculty members. This semester the student body at large welcomes several new teachers, including Mr. Ito as the Political Behavior instructor. In the short amount of time that students have had Mr. Ito, he has demonstrated a friendly educational environment.

Mr. Ito spent a semester at the University of Hawaii which was “paradise”. Then, upon returning to California, he went to El Camino Community College and graduated from the University of Southern California, where he also attended graduate school as well. One thing Mr. Ito misses most about his experience at USC is “being a part of the sports and activities”. The new teacher is an avid sports fan, even taking the time to coach a youth basketball team. Of course, Mr. Ito, being a USC graduate, said that he represents the five qualities of a true Trojan: “faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous and ambitious”. Mr. Ito believes in these qualities and he plans to instill them into his students by teaching “life skills” so that students can learn from both sides of an argument or a topic to form an educated and well-thought opinion. The one thing Mr. Ito looks forward to most as an instructor is just “everyday being there talking and working with my students.” He is passionate about his career and his students, making an excellent addition to the ESHS faculty. Surely the new school year will be eventful, and the new political behavior teacher is up to the challenge. He should be known, not just as a new face on campus, but as being a very positive contributor of knowledge to the student body. If there’s anything we can all say to Mr. Ito, it’s without a doubt “Fight On!”

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