In Style

In Style

by Brianne O’Donoghue, Staff Writer

“Most people believe fashion is just clothes…But it’s not… Fashion is conceptual and it goes beyond clothes themselves.”

“Fashion is a form of art . It allows people to express who they are.”

With school back in full swing once again, ESHS students are showing off their trendiest threads yet.
Thoughts of a summer gone by too quickly float through the minds of many students as most of the female population of the school are rocking cute, breezy sundresses and strappy gladiator sandals in hopes of soaking up the last of the summer sun.
It seems as though the boys are gravitating toward a more casual, summer feel as well, with some wearing jeans and t-shirts. But, shorts and flip flops are still the preferred choice of many. (Almost every boy is sporting a pair).
The 2009-2010 school year looks to be a promising year, style-wise of course, jam-packed with cool new fashions. So to get the latest trends amongst the student body, I chatted with a handful of iconic style mavericks of ESHS.

Where are your favorite places to shop and why?
-”I love Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie for all of the trendy new clothes and styles. I always find great deals on designer stuff at Nordstrom’s Rack and Macy’s. About 90% of my shoes are by Steve Madden.” -Paige Ernest, 12th

-”My favorite places to shop are old thrift stores and vinatge places. Basically anywhere that I can go to get alot for 10 dollars.There’s this great high-end quality boutique in Redondo called Muna’s Madness. They sell a variety of Hindu/Indian/tribal stuff that’s actually all unique
and authentic from Nepal, Indonesia, and Tibet. Another one of my favorite stores is Yak and Yeti, a loft located on Hermosa Ave, that sells amazing clothes, accessories, paintings, and sculptures(they also offer Yoga class)! I really just look for interesting pieces that hold alot of heritage to them, making them different than what you would find at Abercrombie. Also, stores that are cheap are just way better, because you have more money left over for a rasberry chai.”-Charissa Wright, 12th

-” My favorite places to shop are Anthropoligie because they have some very unique pieces and their fabrics are amazing, and Wasteland because they have beautiful clothes that are great quality for a really good price.”-Katherine Usher, 12th

Describe your personal style in three words.
-”Girly, trendy, and fun. I don’t like to stick to one style. I like to switch it up.”-Paige Ernest, 12th

-”Cultural, vintage, and beachy.”Charissa Wright,12th

-”Girly, romantic, sophisticated.”-Katherine Usher,12th
What do you think this year’s big trends are going to be?
-”Jumpers were really big this summer, and I still think they are cute and trendy. For fall, I think ankle-length leggings, boyfriend blazers, vintage-y leather boots, and military jackets will become really popular. I just got a pair of leather ankle boots (by Steve Madden, of course) and I’ve worn them almost everyday to school so far.
For guys, I think the skinnier jeans with a t-shirt is still hot, but just make sure the tee isn’t loose fitted. And I think guys in fitted leather jackets or an edgier sweater jacket are great. “-Paige
Ernest, 12th

-”Personally I’m not into trends at all. Really, who wants to be someone who looks like everyone else wearing Urban? Truly, it’s too expensive, I mean the best thing to get there is a Holga.”- Charissa Wright, 12th

- “I believe fashion is about being individual and making a statement so I don’t want predict a trend.”-Katherine Usher, 12th

Anything to add about fashion in general?
-”It’s all about taking risks. Even if it’s just switching a black top for a bright royal blue one, or adding boots and a menswear vest to your outfit. Even the guys can be a little more fashion conscious!”-Paige Ernest, 12th

-”Most people believe fashion is just clothes. Merely, how you where them and what you where them with. But it’s not. Fashion is conceptual, and it goes beyond the clothes themselves. It’s a process and a statement. I mean the work it took to sketch, design, thread, structerize, and rip apart just to do again, because it wasn’t perfect the first time, is simply a fraction of it, a fraction that can take up to years. That’s the process. But the statement, is you. Your clothes represent who you are on the inside, and not just personality, but mood, emotion, and feeling. “-Charissa Wright, 12th

-”Fashion is a form of art. It allows people to express who they are.”-Katherine Usher, 12th

Want to get their looks?
For Paige’s look:

For Charissa’s look:

For Katherine’s look:

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