Girls Volleyball

Prepare yourselves for El Segundo High School’s monster serve as the Lady Eagles take to the volleyball courts. The 2009 season for the Volleyball team is almost half way complete, and the team’s performance has been nothing but outstanding.

The first game of the season was a home match that pitted El Segundo against Palos Verdes on the 10th of September. In a stunning performance spanning four games, the Lady Eagles defeated PV with a final score of 3-1. The aggressive adversary did not daunt the team in their goal to triumph. As a team, junior Jessy Hoeschler proudly described, “We have an incredible amount of chemistry and our energy was consistent. We just focused and played our game. I think we all played really selflessly and did it for our teammates and the outcome was incredible!”

This fantastic victory was only slightly dampened in the subsequent match, which was held at Peninsula High, where El Segundo was met with a difficult adversary. Unfortunately, the Lady Eagles were beaten by the opposing team in a final score of 0-3. Nevertheless, El Segundo did not falter with this loss, and returned in the next games with the overwhelming will power to prevail.

El Segundo’s third volleyball battle was held at home against an old foe in the form of Chadwick. After a fierce battle of the ages consisting of five games, each more competitive than the last, the Lady Eagles rose from the ashes and ruins, triumphant after the tiebreaker, ending the game with a score of 3-2.

The volleyball team continued its victory surge by conquering Santa Monica. In each of the three games that were played, the Lady Eagles emerged as the champions, overcoming Santa Monica in a final score of 3-0. Throughout the match, El Segundo had over fourteen blocks, and during the second game, junior Shawna Lum served twelve consecutive points to bring the team to an early lead (12-0), and ended the game with fourteen points for El Segundo.

The Lady Eagle’s latest victory was last Thursday against Mary Star of the Sea High School, where the team defeated their opponents in an ultimate score of 3-2. This recent win was owing to not only the volleyball’s dynamic, steadfast will power, but also to each and every time that the players have practiced intensely. When asked how the practices are, Hoeschler explains that, “Our practices are game-like and involve pressure situations so when we play big schools like Chadwick we can relax and focus. We also talk about team goals at every practice so we’re all on the same page and we can accomplish these goals in our games”

After this auspicious start to the season, the Lady Eagles are now in the position to achieve even greater goals and overcome their opposition in the future.

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