Throughout the months of July and August, it was a common sight to see many El Segundo High School students running on the high school track field, across the streets of the city itself, and even near the sandy dunes of the beach. These students are part of El Segundo High School’s Cross Country Team, readying itself for the new season and all the races that come with it.

With already two months of unofficial training by September, the team is definitely prepare for the many obstacle it will encounter in the upcoming races. However, even more promising is the size of the new team; the Cross Country team has tripled in number, from eighteen runners last year to fifty-four at the present. In addition, most of the team are freshmen students who are quite skilled, guaranteeing that the future of the team will not be in peril.

September 12, 2009 marked the debut of the cross-country season as it headed out to its season opener, the Fastback Shootout, on the two-mile section of the Mt. San Antonio College race course. Through the steep slopes and twisting paths, the Eagles triumphed in many races. Among theses victors were the two top finishers: Freshman Megan Freiburger, who placed third in the eleventh race, completing the arduous course in 12:36, and Junior Austin Van Biezen, who finished in 36th in 11:57. Along with Freiburger and Van Biezen, the freshman girls prevailed with three top-ten finishes coupled with five medals, placing them in second position. The boys team also did not falter, bringing home two additional medals for El Segundo. At the Fastback Shootout, where 1777 competitors met and raced through the epic Mt. San Antonio College path, the Eagles have showed their prowess as a truly formidable team.

After the Fastback Shootout, the Eagles continued onwards to one of the largest meets of the nation: The Woodbridge Invitational in Irvine. Each race had over 200 runners, yet the daunting competition did not sway El Segundo. Indeed, ESHS ran race after race from 6:00 PM, all the way into the night up to 10:00PM. All fourteen varsity runners achieve personal records. Once again, Van Biezen and Freiburger attained the top times, 18:13 and 18:42, respectively. The performances at The Woodbridge Invitational has demonstrated the determination that all of ESHS’s runners possess in their hearts, the determination not only to win, but also to improve at each and every single race!

The most recent meet that the team has attended was the first Pioneer League meet in Torrance. Only the Frosh and JV teams participated in the competition, and yet their performances has shown everyone the potential of El Segundo High School’s future cross-country runners. As senior Zac Garland explains, “We have some great freshman on our team who can only get better.” Difficult opponents may have put El Segundo in a less favorable position at the present, but in the future, there will surely be a revolution, as the Eagles arrive with an even higher level of power and overcome their adversaries.

Returning junior Garett Lopez-Dominetta accurately predicts that, “We will do awesome this season and may have a few CIF hopefuls in our midst.” The next cross country meet, The South Bay Cup, will occur on the September 30th in Torrance. With a bright future ahead, good luck runners and race on to victory!

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